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Review: ‘Breaking Bad’ From The Editor Chief

Breaking Bad Review

This show is one of the best shows I’ve seen in years, and the reason is that Bryan Cranston gives the best performance ever, I’m serious he is so into character that you don’t even realize it’s a TV show. You actually feel like its real and it’s happening as the events unfold.

Breaking Bad; it’s the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher, who gets diagnosed with lung cancer, the therapy to cure cancer its really expensive and he doesn’t have much time left so he decides to enter the crystal meth circle and to begin cooking it with his partner Jesse (Aaron Paul) in order to guarantee his family (Skyler played by Anna Gunn ,Walter Jr played by RJ Mitte and his little daughter Holly played by Elanor Anne Wenrich) a stable financial future, He makes the most pure blue crystal meth in the world and that’s where all the show focuses on; Walter and Jesse will go under a lot of awful situations ALL THE TIME.

Aaron Paul is another actor that deserves to be watch because, he plays Jesse in such a unique way that you’ll go from “well I don’t really care a lot about him” to “you better leave him alone he is awesome”. Breaking Bad demonstrates how a man will do ANYTHING to help and protect his family, and this message plays out through all 5 seasons. In season one, you have Walter White as an innocent person who finds himself stuck in a nightmare after the diagnose of cancer and you really feel sorry for him. As the season progresses his character starts to change in a drastic way and it is this change of personality that really gets you stuck in front of the TV waiting for him to do something crazy.

All the seasons of this show are worth watching and amazing, but season 5 as awesome as it is it’s kind of rushed. I get the fact that it’s the last season so you have to start connecting everything for the big finale, but they make too many things happen too fast that you’ll end up saying “What just happened?”. The runtime of the episodes is between 47–58 minutes so you’ll have plenty of time to see the story progressing.

Overall: Breaking Bad is a must watch, there are few shows like this one out there and the kind of acting and writing here is as pure as Walter White blue crystal meth.

I rate this show 9/10

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