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Mortal Kombat X Reveals Kung Lao As The New Addition

It appears there are some new Mortal Kombat X details to send everyone into 2015. Though Netherrealm isn’t issuing any new trailers, it does appear that the studio released some information to Finnish magazine Pelaaja. The forum-goers at Test Your Might have browsed through this interview and picked up some key story points, as well as an unrevealed character.

The article confirms that Kung Lao will be making his return to Mortal Kombat X. This is somewhat curious, especially for anyone that played through the previous Mortal Kombat’s Story Mode. It remains to be seen whether this is the same character or whether it’s a new descendant bearing the same name. However, Test Your Might does lay out some of what to expect from everyone’s favorite hat-wielder.

“The differences between Kung Lao’s Tempest-, Buzz Saw- and Hat Trick- variations happen to be the biggest ones yet. With Tempest Kung Lao uses more spinning attacks and has the ability to set his hat to spin around him as a shield of sorts. In his Buzz Saw variation his hat is sharpened with razor blade edges and allows the player to control his hat throws more. Hat Trick is the most experimental of the three, because you can throw and call back your hat at any point you want. This keeps the opponent on their toes, because the hat can extend combos.”

While Pelaaja was not allowed time with the new Story Mode, the publication was able to surmise some of the notable narrative points. Kotal Khan, descendant of the emperor, looks to be ruling Outworld, as the fight against the resistance led by Cassie Cage (daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade) rages on, just as it did 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Scorpion’s eternal battle has taken a twist, as it appears that a new ninja warrior will have taken the Sub Zero mantle.

Look for more Mortal Kombat X details to be revealed in the coming months.

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