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Ryan Reynolds Is Deadpool

Actor Ryan Reynolds has officially signed on to appear as the lead role in the upcoming “Deadpool” movie, according to on December 4. The actor has long been rumored to play the part, since he first appeared as the character back in 2009 in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” The film was confirmed earlier this year, and production on the project is expected to begin in early March. The “Deadpool” movie is currently slated to arrive in theaters on February 12, 2016.

Reynolds himself unveiled the news earlier on his official Twitter account. The actor posted a photo of Deadpool’s mask made out of bullets and bullet casings, with funny comic book captions. Reynolds posted the photo with the words “Uh..It’s Chimichanga Time,” which is a nod to some of his film debut dialogue. The film, which has been long delayed in development and due to movie studio disputes, never actually had Reynolds locked into the project until now.

Due to the delays, it is unlikely that the story will be connected in any way to the characters appearance in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Reynolds has expressed interest in appearing in a standalone film about the character since his first appearance, which was never fast tracked. According to “Deadpool” co-creator Rob Liefeld, “Ryan is Deadpool” and his involvement is the only reason the film is making it into production early next year.

On December 4 revealed that Reynolds participated in a test shoot for the film, which had a very positive reaction from fans. The leaked concept footage features Reynolds providing motion capture and voice work for the character, to see how the special effects for the film would work. The actor worked with director Tim Miller on the footage, which helped the movie get a green light, but Reynolds was never contractually attached to the project.

It’s unclear if the film is meant to spark a sort of new universe for the character or bring him into the “X-Men” world in some way. The writers and currently focused on explaining the origins of Deadpool, and not build of his previous screen appearance. The film is also rumored to be PG-13, as it is a type of superhero film, but that limits the amount of mayhem caused by the character. Beginning production in March will allow nearly a year of post-production so the film lives up to the standards of the test footage from 20th Century Fox.

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