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WWE: RECAP – WWE Puts An End To Racism Rumors with Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, And Big E?

The New Day’s WWE debut just occurred on Smackdown not too long ago and already fans seem fairly divided on what this could mean in the long term. Accusations of racism within the WWE management have been lobbed by former wrestlers, with Triple H taking much of the heat. But is the New Day actually a signal that the company is listening?

Starting with the New Day, WWE is attempting to make WWE Smackdown just as big as Monday Night RAW when it comes to the viewership numbers.

The idea that the WWE may have elements of racism in its corporate structure is a hard allegation to avoid. When WWE Creative crafts its stories they essentially choose who becomes the winners and who are seen as whiners, heels, or losers. In practice, whenever a non-white wrestler is passed over for a championship title or a major story line run then fans sometimes believe there is hidden agenda at work. Some believe that if a wrestler does not meet a certain specification, whether it be race or background, then they just won’t get a shot.

But not every wrestler will ever get a chance at getting the big push, so it’s not exactly like the WWE is going out of its way to be explicitly racist. History also shows us that race is not an overriding factor, since Booker T, Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and Eddie Guerrero were all WWE or World Heavyweight Champions in their time. The Rock is also half Black and half Samoan, and he was pushed to heights unseen by the WWE.

At the same time, it was not too long ago that Alberto del Rio and other former WWE wrestlers were making allegations about racism in the WWE. Of course, the Mexican wrestler has apparently patched up his relationship with his former employer although it’s believed that del Rio’s settlement with the WWE required him to not “talk negatively” about the WWE and its management. Regardless, it’s interesting to note that when The Authority was given the boot the New Day’s WWE debut was planned for not too long after. Does that mean the company is paying attention to criticisms about racism and that’s why Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are now supposed to be wrestling desks?

In the long run, the success of the New Day will likely hinge on whether they become a new Nation of Domination. If the WWE can build respect for these men then the allegations of racism within the WWE should begin to fade.

Unfortunately, that goal already has a rough start since the debut of the New Day faction is rumored to have been delayed due to the Ferguson riots, an idea which has some fans taking notice.

Others have attacked how the New Day’s WWE debut portrayed them.

Regardless of criticism, Xavier believes there is plenty of hope for their success.

“It took a while to get to #TheNewDay but anything worth having doesn’t come quick and I appreciate my two (3) new brothers for helping me get there. Now it’s game time…”

What do you think about the New Day’s WWE debut?

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