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WWE: Mick Foley Explains Why He Shouldn’t Be The New GM

Mick Foley, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, is on top of everyone’s wish list for a permanent WWE return. He continues to make a presence felt with the WWE Universe, despite only making a few appearances a year, if that. It can be traced back to his legacy first and foremost, but also his Facebook page consists of opinions on WWE programming and booking. They are honest, which Foley is known for. Foley’s most-recent trip to Monday Night Raw provided great entertainment and talking as well.

That was over a month ago, but the situation with Foley did get more interesting. The Hardcore Legend posted a status about being the RAW GM and suddenly WWE fans took it as credence that he would be the next GM. Since then, the rumor was killed off and now RAW does have an interim General Manager. The Anonymous RAW General Manger made its return to television.

There will most likely be an uproar of hatred coming from the WWE Universe, because the last time the RAW GM was on television, it was the biggest heel in the company. In the event that the Anonymous Raw GM isn’t permanent, who will it be full-time? Cena had Daniel Bryan run RAW last night and it was a success.

Foley decided to go to his usual social media outlet and explain why he is not a good idea for the Raw General Manager position.

“1) Head injuries — While I will forever be grateful to WWE for removing me from an environment where I am likely to suffer from further concussions, my short-term memory is still a problem.”

“2) Limpin’ aint easy — I have considerable trouble walking … and it’s not always easy to watch. For a show that is supposed to take viewers minds off their own problems, watching me hobble slowly to the ring could be a downer … and a reminder of the price to be paid when doing what we do.”

“3) A fashion nightmare — Most people reading will probably feel a sense of nostalgia when recalling my struggles with fashion over the years.”

Foley elaborated a lot more to his legions of WWE fans, so you can check out the rest of his comments there. Those are the gist of his explanation as to why he isn’t a good role for that position. The WWE Universe would love for Foley to return, but maybe that isn’t realistic at this time.

Another name with his hat inadvertently thrown in to the mix is Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE is beginning to promote his podcast a ton, especially with Vince McMahon and Bray Wyatt on Austin’s podcast this week and next week respectively. Be sure to throw an opinion on the comment section below. Should WWE hire Mick Foley as the permanent RAW General Manager? Anything would be better than a computer, even Mike Adamle.

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