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WWE: A Randy Orton Face Turn Leading Up To Mania

According to a Sept. 30 report from Fansided, a face turn from Randy Orton is on the horizon. Orton, 34, is expected to start a run as a babyface character in the lead-up to Wrestlemania 31, which is set for March of next year. That said, the WWE’s creative team has approximately five months to set up Orton as a babyface and map out what they want to do with him.

By having Orton as a babyface, it would open up plenty of options for opponents he could potentially feud with in the new year. Orton against Seth Rollins or Triple H could mean big business for the WWE in 2015. A match between Orton and Bray Wyatt could easily headline a pay-per-view, and it would definitely be interesting to see Orton battle a top heel such as Brock Lesnar.

WWE Universe would also love to see Orton duke it out with Rusev or Bo Dallas. To put it simply, a face turn by Orton would be best for business. Orton turned heel in August of last year, by delivering his signature RKO finishing move to Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

Shortly after, he became a leading figure in The Authority, as he aligned with WWE head honchos Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Flash forward 14 months, and Orton is now one of the top heels in the promotion.

He is regularly seen on televised house shows, battling top WWE babyface characters such as Cena and Chris Jericho. WWE Universe knows Orton is one of the most talented athletes to ever compete for the promotion, but his bad boy image has gotten stale over the past year. The time is right to have him make a face turn.

There’s no word yet exactly how the WWE plans to make Orton turn face, but however he does it will likely set up who he has his first feud with. Perhaps Orton will turn on the Authority, to set up a feud between him and Kane or Triple H. Maybe he’ll toss Seth Rollins out of the ring at Royal Rumble. Time will tell the answer.

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