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Batman V Superman To Use Unusual House As Wayne Manor

Given the amount of open-air filming that Zack Snyder has done for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I’m surprised there aren’t more official news reports out of Detroit – like the following, which believes it is giving us our first look at stately Wayne Manor, located (coincidentally) on Alfred street in downtown Motown.

WXYZ-TV in Detroit has the scoop, interviewing Detroit residents who claim that the rundown facility could be standing in for Alfred’s house. “Bruce Wayne’s butler. It’s all torn down! What happened? Did Bruce fire him?” one man speculates. You see? Movie speculation isn’t just for bloggers and journalists these days.

I’m not necessarily against the possibility that Bruce Wayne – or even Alfred, who’ll be played by Jeremy Irons in the film – could be residing in a decrepit building on the outskirts of Gotham in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We don’t know how far into the future Snyder’s movie is set. We know that we’ll have an older Bruce Wayne, and the reasons why his mansion have gone to pot, could be plentiful.

I have a bigger problem with the size of the house in the news report above. Wayne Manor is called “stately Wayne Manor” for a reason. Heck, the Christopher Nolan Batman films used the massive Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire, England. That site was MAJESTIC.

This Detroit building looks like the servant’s quarters, so maybe there is something to the rumor that this will be Alfred’s separate home in the movie. There absolutely has to be a lot for Alfred to do in Snyder’s planned superhero blockbuster. You don’t hire Jeremy Irons to sit in the porch of a rundown Detroit building for two small scenes.

Well, something is happening at this building. As you can tell in the above report, there are film crews all over. And a security guard stops people from getting within a few blocks of the facility. So this is no fluke:

Security GuardWhat will the building represent? Find out when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on March 25, 2016

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