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Episode III: ‘Attack On Titan’ Review

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin: Anime Review

            Attack on Titan a story about hope, faith, overcoming adversity, never cowering in the face of danger, and working together as friends to overcome the odds…Oh who the heck am I kidding? This is a dark story of humanity nearly being pushed to the point of near extinction, where despair, panic, and fear of the enemy has been the only thing keeping humanity alive until now. This enemy is the titans who had one day hundreds of years ago appeared and pushed humanity to become nothing more than pray.

            Humanity has normally been consider the hunters, the ones who dominate the earth with our innovation and ability to overcome adversity. The titans have made themselves the dominate force to humans. The titans are these humanoid giants that eat humans and at humanities current level are normally always helpless to these titans. Humanity has been pushed back to the “walls”, the walls are massive 50 meter high walls in order to keep the titans out and hopefully keep what’s left of humanity safe. In the course of this story we see if the wall can truly keep our cast safe.

            This show/story revolves around our main character Eren Yeage, who starts out living his peaceful life within the walls and shows his future struggles with the titans. The titans are becoming more of a threat and need to be dealt with, so Eren will come to join humanity’s struggle against the titans. Eren will experience a great many adventures in the story, he will come to learn many things, he will come to know things he never knew about the world, and himself. Okay that’s enough vague plot summery…*reads what he just wrote* oh I may actually get fired for too much plot summary this time…

Visuals/Animation: Okay right off the bat “Attack on Titan” gets an A for animation. The art style is great to look at and you can tell the production company threw bags of money at the animation team for this series. The level of detail for this type of art style is amazing from the characters to background everything is just simply well done. The animation itself has also be looked at with a lot of care, everything flows so well that it is just appealing to the eye (or eyes if you’re not rocking an eye patch). The show clearly has a serious tone and serious visuals and animation to back it up. The character designs are all very well done from their original designs in the manga. There really is nothing to complain about in the animation department, unless you don’t like seeing blood in any form. Here’s fair warning don’t watch this with the kids, this is a dark show where death and blood will come as so the writer declared.

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Audio and Voices: *Opens check* Okay the audio and voice department also wins in “Attack on Titan” (At least in the subbed version). Now I have no hate for English dubs…it’s just that I haven’t seen the dub for this show. Moving on the soundtrack and sound design for the show are just another strong point of the show. Every piece of music and sound effects are so well placed you’ll be in the mood the director wants you to be in right away. The voice actors were also putting in their A game for this show with how the character’s expression and voices match up perfectly. Now there is currently an English dub for the show out currently being shown on “Cartoon network’s” “Toonami” and is being DVD distributed by “Funimation”. So if watch the show in English is that important to you go there to find it, otherwise visit places like “Netflix” and “CrunchyRoll” to view the series.

Characters: The cast of the series is not exactly as “colorful”l as something like “Kill La Kill”, but they do have those standouts and people who just bring people in. This cast of characters sadly were not all given big developments in the 25 episode anime, but they are fully fleshed out later in the story in the original manga which is still on going after the events of the anime. The character we do spend time with during the course of the anime are fleshed out enough where you understand why they’re doing what they do. Other characters even after figuring out some of their secrets still make you wonder “why”, but in a good way that makes you either want to wait for season 2 or pick up or read the manga.  I can say I’m happy with the characters that are given time for you to grow and like. The main cast will have you looking forward to see how they continue next in their story and having you hope they survive tell the end…

Story/Plot/Oh dear lord why!?: This is a dark story which is especially more obvious when in genres right next to Action, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Mystery, and Shounen you’ll find Horror, and Tragedy. This story will have you trying to grasp for those small rays of light called hope and will occasionally slip through you and the character’s fingers. The show isn’t all dark it has brief moments of relief and calm, it’ll even throw some comedy in there to keep spirits up. Early in the show things aren’t that bad, but it “steadily” gets worse. The story get to you where you as the viewer needs to go, but drops off little hints to get you to think or not notice tell the information becomes more important in the future. The story leaves you asking questions, wondering, what will happen next, and give you reason to wonder how and why. I can’t complain about the story and plot unless you’re are looking to be in a good mood.

Conclusion: “Attack on Titan” is a great anime with a lot of things working for it to stand out from the crowed. It gives you a bit of everything you could want from a show (Minus the ability to go into it (depending on circumstance)). It has all the fundamentals down for a great experience and if you don’t believe me go ahead and watch it at Given that I don’t work on a score based system, I’ll give “Attack on Titan” a: MUST WATCH

By: Michael Sanchez (Chief Contributor Office/Columnist
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