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Review: The Purge: Anarchy From The Editor Chief

The Purge Anarchy review

The second installment of the purge has commenced, but is this movie going to deliver what it promises? Blessed be America, a nation reborn

The Purge Anarchy actually offers what’s promised on the contrary of the first Purge, which turned out to be a typical home invasion movie that completely ruin the original story behind it, this one actually shows you how degenerate the world gets on this specific day. The story involves a couple of people who find themselves stuck in the middle of the Purge and try to survive it with the help of a skilled police sergeant named Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) who is out there to get revenge on the man that killed his son. There is a new anti-Purge clan who is trying to protect the people during the event. We finally get the feeling that the Purge is actually happening, you see people with masks and guns going around killing each other, gangs armed with purpose of shedding blood, complete chaos, and fear. While watching this movie though, except for Leo, I really didn’t care about the other characters, for me they were only there to keep you guessing on who will die first.

Now I will discuss the positives and negatives about this movie.

Positives: Good pace between storytelling and action scenes. Frank Grillo gives a good performance and has a couple of great action scenes that display how skilled his character is from the rest. The city and the gangs deliver that “wow the purge is happening and these people are crazy” feeling and the ending was kind of an expected but still entertaining, also there are some good twists during the film.

Negatives: Some characters were pointless as they were just there to get in trouble and killed. The anti-Purge clan wasn’t that impressive during the movie and their surprise at the end wasn’t that “surprising”. It was almost like you knew they were coming when advertisements from the ‘anti-purge’ group ran on the monitor in the city. Some parts of the movie–even if they wanted to build tension–were a little dragged, but there are a few so it’s not that bad. Although I still have to mention it the scenes that could have been better organized were dragged.

Overall: The Purge Anarchy gives you what you expect—a survival of the fittest movie that takes place in a town full of degenerate people. The run-time of the movie is fair (104 minutes). If you expect something more you will be disappointed but if you like this kind of movies then you’ll like this one.

I’ll rate this film a 7/10.

By: Antonio La Cerva (Editor Chief)
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