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Pokémon ‘Generations’ Episode 3: The Challenger

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Remember that heart-pounding moment when you collected all 8 Kanto gym badges? It as off to the Indigo Plateau to face the famed Elite Four. A strong collective group of four Pokémon trainers that are the final test for any trainer’s skills. In Pokémon Blue, Red, & Yellow you would face them and it was truly a hard test to pass. Any of who could beat the Elite Four would face off against the League’s champion. The Kanto league’s Elite Four consisted of Lorelei; specializing in Ice-type, Bruno; specializing in Fighting-type, Agatha; specializing in Ghost-type, and Lance; specializing in Dragon-type. What made these four special was the fact that even with the specific types a few different types would throw you off guard.

Last week, we got the introduction to the series and a brand-new behind the scenes look into the Pokémon world. First episode, gave us little glimpses about all six known regions. From the rich history of Kanto to the beauty outreaches of Kalos we saw Pokémon trainer Red traveling throughout battling some of the toughest adversaries across the Pokémon world alongside his Pikachu. We then, went behind the scenes with Detective Looker looking into the notorious criminal organization Team Rocket and its leader Giovanni. Compiled with action and mystery, each episode felt like you played the original Gen I & II series. Episode 3 took a look at Blue from Red/Blue facing off against the Elite Four and becoming the Pokémon Champion.

Each battle is quick with Blue facing each member and we get a little character depth with Blue when he faces off against Agatha revealing he doesn’t respect his grandfather, Professor Oak. You must appreciate the animation for the battles as it’s unbelivably impressive seeing this prosepective of Pokémon. This episode is only five minutes long, but five minutes of discovery.

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