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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Falcon and The Winter Soldier Accepts

Once upon a time, we may have been amused simply by watching celebrities dump water on themselves in honor of ALS research, but a few weeks and thousands of videos later, it now takes something a little more outside the box to really get our attentions. Fortunately, Captain America stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan found just that route when they decided to do the deed in costume.

Of course, as you saw in the above video, it’s not quite the costumes fans were expecting. No, instead of suiting up and rocking the outfits they wear on camera, they procured miniaturized versions of their characters and dumped ice water on them. It’s a great little departure from the audience’s expectations and perhaps most importantly, it taps into a key element of Marvel’s success.

Whether true or not, Marvel has been able to create a sense that everyone who works on the films is a part of one happy family. They all cameo in each other’s movies. They all have plotlines that lead into one another, and they all seem remarkably happy during most of their press appearances, teasing each other a little bit and offering as much praise as possible. It’s really quite special to watch, and this video is another example of that. If you didn’t know better, you would think Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan created this video at 3 in the morning during an impulsive sleepover that also involved Smores, ghost stories and some work on Captain America 3: Hawkeye Is In This One, or whatever it’s going to be called.

There’s been some behind the scenes rumblings, thanks to the comic books, that Anthony Mackie, not Sebastian Stan, will take over for Chris Evans’ Captain America when the actor hangs up the suit. That’s extremely unlikely, but regardless, it’s nice to see there doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings on that end. But I guess how could there be in the happy world of Marvel where everything turns to gold and everyone is invited to play for as long as they’d like? At least everyone except Edgar Wright.

Too soon? Fair game? Regardless, this bromance isn’t going away anytime soon. And that’s awesome. Your move, DC

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