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Actor Ezra Miller Discusses Playing The Flash Longterm

CW’s The Flash TV series is alive and kicking, but in due time audiences will be introduced to a separate live-action incarnation of DC’s famous speedster. In Warner Bros.’ shared film universe, that superhero will be portrayed by actor Ezra Miller(The Perks of Being a Wallflower), who is expected to appear in the two-part Justice League extravaganza, as well as his own solo vehicle in 2018.

Unlike a majority of recent WB/DC casting decisions (Ben Affleck, The Rock, Jesse Eisenberg, etc.) Miller is not a household name. He has starred in a number of well-received indie dramas (see also: We Need to Talk About Kevin), but the masses won’t become familiar with him until he dons Flash’s costume. That could be an intimidating task for a rising star, but the youngster is enthused by the opportunity presented to him.

While speaking with HitFlix, Miller discussed his feelings about being the one to portray The Flash for the next handful of years, highlighting the fact that it presents him with longterm job security:

“I’m going to say I feel really happy about it in one way because the idea of actually having a steady job in my life is actually incredibly comforting. It’s something I didn’t necessarily think I would ever have. And then of course, there are the moments when responsibility-dodging, adolescent-me is like, ‘No, I don’t want to’ [laughs]. [But] that’s a very small part. At this point, it’s a diminishing voice. Every time I think about that reality, it makes me extremely happy. I’m really stoked and I would do it for forty years. That contract could have said anything.”

Flash fan art by uncannyknack The Flash Movie Actor Ezra Miller on Playing the Character Longterm

Fan art by uncannyknack 

Miller’s comments are not that different from the ones Henry Cavill recently made, where the Superman actor stated that he hopes to play the Last Son of Krypton “for years to come.” Starring in a major blockbuster franchise such as this can be a daunting task, and it’s easy to get burned out by the lengthy process of making just one such film. For now, though, Miller has a positive attitude and hopefully he’ll be able to bring that excitement with him to the screen when he gets his chance to play Flash.

It’s not hard to see why a thespian in his position would be so eager to take on a role like this. It’s no secret that everyone in Hollywood wants in on the superhero game; if Miller becomes a fan-favorite, his blossoming career will continue to go up and give him other opportunities to build upon his résumé. It’s true that a majority of Miller’s time will be spent in the DC universe, but as Affleck has shown, that doesn’t mean he’ll exclusively be in that world.

As for the full extent of Miller’s contract, that’s difficult to gauge at this point in time. He’s obviously on board for multiple pictures, but he played coy when it came to saying the actual length. The two Justice League films and The Flash standalone movie give us the industry-standard three movies, but there’s always the possibility for cameos in other features, or even a Flash sequel if things work out in the long run.

In the meantime, it is a positive sign for fans that the actor WB is entrusting with this part is looking forward to putting his stamp on it and carry the mantle for a number of years. Regardless of how many times we see him, we can take comfort in the fact that his mind is in the right place and he’ll try his hardest to please all the DC fans that will be carefully watching him.

The Flash will hit theaters March 23, 2018.

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