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Music artist have all some unique way to their style of connecting to the audience. Whether it be country, rap, hip hop, R&B, or pop these genres of music including a lot of sub-genres touch their target audience in various ways. A lot of genres like Electronic, Techno, and House music doesn’t get the recognition like the rest, but one group is proving that fact wrong when 20,000+ continue to wait and listen to more.

IAMMEDIC an American Electronic group formed by producer/vocalist Enik Lin in 2010. Active members of IAMMEDIC currently consist of Lin and Danny Park. Inactive members include Andre Harris and DJ Yup. The group has since released 2 albums, 7 singles and toured the United States, Taiwan, and Korea performing more than 40 sold out shows.

Their original music has been licensed in television shows and major motion pictures. On April 14 2011, IAMMEDIC charted no. 11 on America Billboard Charts for “Next Big Sound”. On March 25th 2014, IAMMEDIC released their first single off of their upcoming 2014 album RISE. The single, “Get Back Home” charted at in the top 50 on the U.S. iTunes Electronic charts on it’s first day of sales.

Infusing progressive electronic music with elements of pop, rock, dance and indie, the groups’ dynamic style translates to their live captivating performances. Whether they’re doing an intimate live performance with live instruments and Enik Lin singing vocals or performing a live mix at a premier nightclub, IAMMEDIC is becoming one of the most versatile and eclectic electronic artists internationally.

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