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Next-Gen Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

The latest Dragon Ball game will look better than any before- and better than any screens or trailers you’ve seen so far.

In an interview with GamerGen series lead producer Masayuki Hirano revealed that Dragon Ball Xenoverseis aiming for 1080p on the PS4 and Xbox One, and run with a “fluid frame rate” across all platforms.

“We work together on the old and the new generation of consoles, and we try to offer the same experience at the moment,” he stated. “We strive for the highest quality, especially on the new generation and offer 1080p. And the framerate (frames per second), we do several tests, we make adjustments to either fluid on all systems. Maybe we can give you the exact resolutions and framerate soon.”

When asked about the graphics of the announcement trailer he revealed that this is just the start. “What we showed was just a preview, we’re still working on it,” said Hirano. “Obviously, the graphics, the expressions, actions, beatings, everything will continue to evolve, especially on PS4 and Xbox One through their power. People can expect to see the graphics improve more compared to what they have seen so far. They can trust the teams to surprise. The graphics are really going to be better.”

There’s no word on the number of playable characters, but there will be a lot. “The number of available characters, at present, is obviously not complete,’ Said Hirano. “We will try to offer as much as possible, but we can not yet make specific announcement for the moment. We will try to please the fans as possible and offer a wider content.

Another interesting tidbit is that while the game will focus on battles- it is a fighting game after all- but it will be more than that. You’ll be able to explore the world and live out a brand new story in the campaign mode. They are looking to minimize the amount of cutscenes in the battles and have more of the players controlling the actions, even during special moves. How that works (QTEs? Hopefully not…) hasn’t been revealed just yet, but more player control is always a good thing.

The more we hear, the better it sounds. Expect Dragon Ball Xenoverse to hit Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2015.

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