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Entertain. Talk. React.

Our mission is to promote the upcoming stars of tomorrow, by giving you a dynamic and innovative way to drive a contemporary outlet for any form of entertainment. Whether it be through the sights and sounds Sparx Entertainment, will build to give you that cutting-edge experience for viewing and reading pleasure.


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Words From Our CEO:

“Cultivate a message by talking about an issue that doesn’t have to pertain to gossip. Entertainment should be managed with care not to be wielded irresponsibly.” 
-DeShawn J. Ellis (Founder, CEO, & President of Sparx Entertainment)

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We love to heard from you the supporters of Sparx Entertainment. Any feedback or questions for us please don’t hesitate to email us at We will surely try our best to satisfy any & all inquiries that come our way.

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Our mission is to provide you with the a dynamic and integrity driven outlet for entertainment of any aspect.
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