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Me Time (2022): Kevin Hart & Mark Wahlberg Star in New Netflix Comedy

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg take time away from family for a good time.

When you’re adulting and have a family there’s nothing wrong with thinking about stepping away to have time for yourself, although that’s ideal. Netflix’s upcoming buddy-comedy flick will depict that very concept as Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg star in ‘Me Time‘. Kevin Hart’s character Sonny takes parenting to a new level as his devotion to his has caused him to lose touch of who he was before until he reunites with his best friend Huck, played by Mark Wahlberg.

Huck is turning 44 in ‘Me Time‘ and he planned one huge, weekend-long celebration which includes Sonny in every aspect of the party even if there’s reservations to participate. The trailer shows Hart’s Sonny inside a mini-version of Burning Man, fighting off a mountain lion and jumping off a cliff in a wingsuit.

Credit(s): Netflix

The official synopsis reads:

When a stay-at-home dad finds himself with some “me time” for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away, he reconnects with his former best friend for a wild weekend that nearly upends his life.”

Me Time‘ will also star Regina Hall, Jimmy O. Yang, Tahj Mowry alongside Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg. The film will also feature Carlo Rota, Luis Gerardo Mendez, Melanie Minichino, Deborah S. Craig, Thomas Ochoa, Kieran Roberts and Chau Long. John Hamburg (Along Came Polly) is the director.

Check out the trailer below:

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