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Satoru Iwata

The ‘WiiU’ Era Coming To An End

July 10, 2015 // 0 Comments

Unlike everyone else at E3 last month, Nintendo was resolute in its pledge to not talk about the future. Its booth at the trade show, and its livestreamed presentation, were limited only to only games that will be available in the next few months (and in many cases already [Read more...]

Nintendo’s New Console Set For 2016

May 12, 2015 // 0 Comments

Hoping to hear something about Nintendo’s mysterious “NX” console at this year’s E3? You may be out of luck. According to an investor’s meeting translated by Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said that they’re getting to that next year, [Read more...]

Nintendo’s New System ‘NX’

March 18, 2015 // 0 Comments

Nintendo’s next generation games system is codenamed NX, the company’s chief executive Satoru Iwata has revealed. Iwata said that the hardware project represents a “brand-new concept”, but didn’t elaborate further. The announcement came moments [Read more...]