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ChiefDVB unleashed the fury with his brand new track, ‘Piranhaz’.

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J. Johnson

The untitled leader of Tribe Chillin, ChiefDVB has settled in as the mixer and producer for various artists — featuring in some songs on occasions. Recently, ChiefDVB would provide his mixing skills with a track entitled, ‘Gold At Knight’ by, SPARX Feature star, Cloud Carillo. His approach to each song is never stagnant as it provides an eye-opening feeling that not only has improved over the past few years but shows no quit in sight. Our biggest question was, when will ChiefDVB give us the next passionate track on his own? And after the wait, we got our answer!

WE HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE HERE! ChiefDVB gave us the privilege to listen to a brand new track entitled, ‘Piranhaz‘ that will literally blow your mind. The tenacious artist from Las Vegas manages to incorporate various styles but most importantly his own. ‘Pirahnaz‘ begins with some classic hip-hop stylings of a piano and some grainy sounds like a record scratching on a record player. After a few seconds, ChiefDVB just comes out pulling no punches to no surprise works perfectly with the hardcore beat in the background. We wanted to ask, ChiefDVB about the thoughts behind the new song. After listening, I asked him about the motivations behind the song and he responded with,

I was in east LA up in the Air Bnb, cooking the beat and the hook idea, just kinda came to me! I feel like swimming through the obstacles aren’t really the problem, but more so the people that are in the way of all of it. The people who are just tryna make quick cash and who don’t care and the people who try to copy images that aren’t them!

There’s no doubt that ChiefDVB is heading in the right direction to not only rap and figure out his style but produce his own beats to create a musical imprint on the world. ChiefDVB will not only be releasing ‘Piranhaz‘ as a single but will follow it up with a brand new music video. The MV is directed by Illimitable that will illustrate a few choppy transitions with an eerie storyline to follow.

Enough with the chatter, check out the brand new track entitled, ‘Piranhaz’:

Don’t forget to follow Chief on his social media outlets: | @ChiefDVB | @TribeChillin | Chief on YT | ChiefDVB on IG

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