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Kingdom Hearts 3: New Gameplay! New Reveals! & An Official Release Date?

Credit: Square Enix/Disney

The final battle in the Xehanort saga is approaching and the release date may be drawing near…

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After much anticipation from Square Enix developers of Kingdom Hearts 3 coming soon, the reality of a release date draws near as E3 is on the horizon. However, with the wait becoming a gamer’s worst nightmare we were given a recent gameplay video showing some hands-on experience that may excite even those who have their reservations of its releasing this year. Many gamers had the opportunity to experience this little preview during the KH3 Premiere event that was held by Square Enix over the weekend.

The video did begin with an encounter with the Titan from Hercules before Sora, Donald, and Goofy find themselves in Andy’s room.  The video depicts a heavier focus on the Toy Box world which features Pixar’s Toy Story characters and features some new gameplay that’s featured in the world.With Buzz Lightyear and Woody in tow, Sora heads towards Galaxy Toys where the mechs have no limits to the powers they behold. The new video also features some new mechanics and abilities that can be used in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts, namely the Drill Punch, Mirage Staff, and the Monster’s Inc.-inspried Twin Yo-Yos. A new introduction to the game is the “Links” which you can summon various characters to help you in battle, the likes of Wreck-it Ralph can be used to cause havoc.

Along with the new additions of abilities and characters, Kingdom Hearts 3 will also introduce Sora’s ability to wield multiple Keyblades and switch them between battle, new “Attractions” attacks will invoke real-world Disney theme park rides. Co-director Tai Yasue would explain to the attendees of the panel that the goal is to introduce new content without breaking from Kingdom Hearts‘ established universe.

There’s no doubt after seeing the video many gamers will have renew faith in the game being released soon but all eyes see E3 as the point whether or not an actual release date will be announced or just another prolonged wait for the next year. No matter the outcome Nomura has also cited the mobile title Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross], the most recent release in the franchise, for the way it foreshadows the story in Kingdom Hearts 3. Nomura explains KH3 will focus on resolving the conflict against Xehanort but the results may be severe in the long run.

Check out the latest new gameplay video:

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