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BREAK IT DOWN: Week of the 2nd (February)

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2nd episode of Break It Down! Today’s we cover new details about the young Las Vegas hip-hop group Tribe Chillin. We offer a look at one of wrestling’s biggest podcasts, Wrestling Soup, a look at Tribe Chillin’s member Cloud and his latest new song. Then, we reveal our feature star of February, all that and more on Break It Down!

Written by,
Sean Wall

Welcome Back!

Tribe Chillin is an energetic and innovative hip-hop group from Las Vegas trying to make a name for themselves. Each member has the dedication to not only elevate the group but their individual selves in the same process. Three years ago, WAVE MMLZ would introduce us to Tribe Chillin in 2015 when he released, “Trap Door Black Hole”.  However, the Tribe would have already released two albums on their own and made an impact in Las Vegas. Fast forward to 2017, both members Chief & WAVE MMLZ would go solo for a short stint while Cloud, Andwhy, & Dream Catcher pulled themselves back a bit. Now listen, there’s a time for resting and getting yourself back together and that’s exactly what the Tribe did. We saw Chief and WAVE explode with their talent on the musician and producer side of the music business. This week, we got some news regarding the hiatus of Tribe Chillin via twitter,

As it states in the tweet Tribe Chillin is back and ready to explode on the big stage with new music and a comeback tour this year. Aforementioned in our tweet last night, there’s no doubt that their dedication will gain them success but 2018 is definitely the ‘Year of the Tribe’. Stay tuned for more information as it’s revealed, however, please follow them on Twitter | Facebook |


Wrestling has one of the most cult-like followings in the world. The sport of wrestling has been around since the dawn of the 1800s and has evolved into a global phenomenon. With that evolution, it’s sprouted a huge sector of the community that caught the ear of millions, in the form of podcasting. From big budget shows to the ones that sound like someone recording from directly out of their car each show provides a sec-of the wrestling community some sort of entertainment. However, there’s one show that talks about wrestling but doesn’t rely on the sport entirely and that show is called ‘Wrestling Soup’. The show is co-hosted by, Anthony “Missionary” Thomas and Joe Numbas. In the sense of what the show is about, they talk about everything from situations in everyday life, sports, dodging Christmas trees in on-coming traffic, the career of ‘Master Cena’, Triple H rise in the WWE, the pipebomb of CM Punk, to the raunchy commentary amongst guest calls from the chatroom, the Destiny/Liz Effect, and much more. Here’s an example of the show,

Wrestling Soup has one thing that other wrestling podcasts don’t have which is a forthright attitude about any topic they discuss. Now I don’t know about you but I would rather have someone candid with me than, a pandering fool looking stardom. Once you listen to one episode of Wrestling Soup you’ll just get hooked. Will Wrestling Soup be around forever? Who knows except the hosts of the show. In any case, give Wrestling Soup your ear by following them on Twitter | Facebook. Also, listen to them on Thursdays at 9:30 on Mixlr, also their brand new show on Sundays & don’t forget to support the show by donating to their Patreon

On Cloud Nine! Move On!

Aforementioned, Tribe Chillin recently went through a little hiatus with each member focusing on various aspects of life. One member that always had an enigmatic personality for being in the background and subtle about his movements within the group is Cloud. Sure he adds his own uniqueness to the group but for him to go solo like the others is a fresh approach to his music career. Once 2018 was upon us Cloud’s excitement shined through as he expressed “Yo, I’m 23 bout to go on tour and chase my dream. Don’t give up” via Twitter. Follow that up with some new artwork by Richie Rizo showcasing new designs and cover arts. The one that stood out the most featured an artwork for Cloud’s newest single titled “Move On”.


Credit: Richie Rizo (@richierizzz)

While listening to the song you can sense that Cloud is definitely trying to find his own identity.  His style is aggressive that it’s hard to ignore the rapper behind the mic as the words flow. The song to me is a cliffhanger to the what’s to come as he begins a new journey in his music career. The question that still lingers is whether or not will Cloud has a solo mixtape or release singles to appease the ones that enjoy him rapping away from the Tribe.

Follow Cloud on Twitter @Cloud_Carillo & Listen to “Move On” on Apple Music | Spotify | TIDAL

As we (SPARX Entertainment) move on ourselves we want to formally announce that Cloud is our first 2018 ‘Feature Star’ for the month of February! I can’t wait to see what’s behind the mysterious fog of Cloud and his love for music.


Edited by, The SPARX Team

Hoop And Life presents…

Today we’re back to take a look at what Nelson Chan, the advent basketball enthusiatist has to show those who love the sport of basketball and even those who want to become great in it. We all know how great Stephen Curry is and how tremendous he took the Golden State Warriors from being a team of turmoil to becoming champions in record breaking fashion. With that they also garnered the respect and admiration of fans in the Golden State area along with those across the country. Records spanning 30 years were shattered by the Golden State Warriors, toppling teams like the 1970 New York Knicks, the 1994 Houston Rockets, even the 2012-13 Miami Heats. A new era dawn arose once, Kevin Durant arrived on the scene, this era would become known as the ‘Fantastic Four’ era which included Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson.

In this video, Chan teaches you how to ‘Steph Curry Step Back’ on the court. There’s no question that Chan is the right person to teach you how to perform this manuever done by one of the NBA’s greates players. Sit back and enjoy who knows you may use this in your arsenal on the court;

Not only does Nelson Chan have an eye for great kicks to enter the court but his arsenal can make him a serious threat on the court. Follow Nelson Chan on @nellynelchan | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

And there goes another week of ‘Break It Down’! Podcasting and music may be two different avenues of entertainment but share one commonality, the loyal fanbase. I do hope you take a look at the last few stories here and like always don’t leave your week uninformed.

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