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‘Review: “MACH 1” By, ChiefDVB [PROD. Major Dynamic] (2017)

Album Artwork: Lazi (@Laziart) & Richie Rizo (@richierrizzz); Edited by, The Sparx Team

Recording artist, ChiefDVB of Tribe Chillin brings new sounds from Sin City with a fast-paced classic hip-hop mixtape.

Written by,
J. Johnson

Last week, was a busy week for the music producer, ChiefDVB as he released a new MV titled, ‘Roach Motel’ and his latest mixtape ‘MACH 1’. First to be released was the highly anticipated MV, “Roach Motel” which featured fellow recording artist, Haresha, as well as produced and directed by, FOE 5 and BLEE respectively. The visuals speak volumes as BLEE make use of hand-drawn edits adding depth to the storyline. There’s always one aspect of ChiefDVB’s music videos that make them unique, are the various motions captured by the camera. His ability to emote the lyrics of the song are perfect for those who may not follow what’s going on.

If you haven’t already, please check out the ‘Roach Motel’ MV as you’ll get a sense of the hard work he put into ‘MACH 1’:

Speaking of ‘MACH 1’, this past Friday, ChiefDVB releases the mixtape that was accompanied by his latest MV ‘Roach Hotel’. ‘MACH 1’ is produced by, Major Dynamic and consist 6-tracks that have classic hip-hop appeal. It’s also worth noting that ‘MACH 1’ was mixed and mastered under Mindful Matterz & Make Music Live Zen Records banner. On the day of its release, ChiefDVB would tweet “On this day many moons ago, a legend was born, the superhero, the rap game needed ‘MACH 1‘”. After listening to all six tracks it’s clear that ChiefDVB has one goal in mind, to expand his presence in the hip-hop scene with his hard-hitting music even if it means taking a classic approach and not playing it safe by incorporating the Trap-mumble mouth hip-hop that has been produced for the past decade. There’s no doubt that after listening to “MACH 1” ChiefDVB and all those who are willing to work with him will rise to the top someday. Chief just has to take the past few mixtapes and culminate his experience into an album that will catapult him into the scene of music he loves.

We had a chance to get a quote from ChiefDVB about “MACH 1′ and what it meant and he responded with,

“”MACH 1″ is that classic hip-hop shit, that cassette tape in the boom box vibe”
— ChiefDVB, Mindful Matterz (@ChiefDVB)

Check out the official “MACH 1” mixtape below:

Don’t forget to follow Chief on his social media outlets: | @ChiefDVB | @TribeChillin | Chief on YT | ChiefDVB on IG

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