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Review: Fyke ‘Nightmares’ MV

Credit: Universal Music Group International/FYKE; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Los Angeles rock band, Fyke release an MV that depicts situational moments in our lives that we battle in everyday life.

Written by,
Sean Wall

Getting right to the core of what you’re reading, FYKE has managed to produce a purely aggressive and relatable music video that plays at the heartstring of those who struggle with those personal demons in their lives. Each day those struggles are one’s personal nightmare that they try to overcome. FYKE dedicates this music video to this core audience as a battle cry to never give up no matter how hard life gets as there’s always salvation for your peace.

Nightmares‘ starts off heavy with various individuals—many who are a part of the band—jumping, screaming, and fighting figurative demons. It’s always refreshing to see a band that remains true to what the title of the song means. FYKE does that in the completely simple and elegant way by transforming the robust sounds of guitars and drums into a soothing piece for the ears. The band itself helped bring the magic of this music video with their ever present motion of making their music sound different and fresh. Enik Lin, a musician who is all too familiar to the music scene, provides the filler with his linguistic lyrical prowess that it’s no surprise this music video has already garnered 115K views. In my personal estimation, Universal Music Group International has picked up a promising rock band that will provide the genre with some great hits—’Nightmares‘ being one of them—that the future is definitely brighter for FYKE.

Here’s the official MV for ‘Nightmares‘:

Don’t forget FYKE, has also released their latest EP that features ‘Nightmares‘ and five other deep tracks. The EP definitely gives you a feel of what direction FYKE will go with their music going forward. If you want to listen to a fresh, new exciting sound FYKE is truly one band to add to your list.

Nightmares‘ is available on iTunes now!

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