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Review: Dragon Ball Super Ep. 100 ‘Rampage! The Beserker Awakens!’

Credit: Akira Toriyama; Edited by, The SPARX Team

The battle grows intense and the will of the Saiyans has been overshadowed by universal supremacy.

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Before the Universal Tournament began, various warriors were either being recruited or training to become a part of their universe’s team. In Universe 6, Caulifla and Kale would achieve their potential of becoming a Super Saiyan with the help of Cabba. In last week’s episode these three especially the Saiyan sisters, Caulifla and Kale causing a lot of havoc in the Tournament of Power.

From Cabba’s respectable challenge to Vegeta, Caulifla’s overconfident onslaught on the World’s Strongest, Goku, to the berserk power of Kale both universe would provide some memorable fighting in their own unique ways. During the battle between Goku and Caulifla you could honestly see way Saiyans have such pride as Caulifla reached the second form of Super Saiyan along with Goku instructing her along the way. It only showcased how much Goku has grown since his first battle as a warrior and an individual that not only cares for his universe but others.


Credit: Akira Toriyama

During the another phase with Caulifla taking on Goku, her ascension would show quick progression with he achieving Super Saiyan ‘Grade 3’ form; similar to Future Trunk’s form in the Cell saga. This heavy form of her wasn’t like the previous one that easily handled Goku. Goku would advise Caulifla not to use this form as it packs power but slows the user down tremendously.

Throughout this moment, Kale would use her jealousy and anger to spark her spectacular transformation. She would lose control of herself while chanting “Son Goku” serving as a great reminder to fans of Dragon Ball Z when Broly would constantly show his hatred of Goku by uttering “Kakarot”. The battle between Goku and ‘Berserker’ Super Saiyan Kale was a good few minutes of showing why Goku isn’t always as strong as the series lets on as Kale easily threw him around, smashing him around on the floor like it was nothing. The power level Kale displayed would provide to be too much for Goku, even after transforming into his Super Saiyan Blue form it proved to not be enough to stop her. This is showcased when Kale walked through the his Kamehameha wave.


Credit: Akira Toriyama

It would become clear that Kale cannot control her power after she fires off a lot of ki blasts, eliminating competitors in the process. Jiren would intervene to control the situation, once the Pride Trooper failed to control her, by firing a blast which manages to transform Kale back into her normal form. The episode concludes with Goku being amazed at Jiren’s power he wants to test himself against the mysterious warrior.

If you wanted some action and surprises in a 100th episode for the new series of Dragon Ball it definitely delivered. The battle between Goku and Caulifla was a great moment of Saiyans from different universe sharing the same passion to battle and progress. While we saw the power of the ‘Beserker’ form (Legendary Super Saiyan form) truly shocking us all by standing up to the Super Saiyan Blue Goku. However, the ending when Jiren came in and showing how powerful he is was the highlight where it draws doubt among the fan base begging the question, Is Goku the strongest of all time? Episode 101 and 102 will mostly likely answer those questions we just have to wait and see!

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