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Review: Dragon Ball Super Ep. 99 “Krillin’s Hidden Power”

Credit: Toei Animations; Designed by, The SPARX Team

The Universal Tournament is well underway with Universe 9 already erased by the King of Everything. With the others in shock at how real the consequences are the battle can only get intensified.

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It took some time to get the tournament as we went from Vegeta being told not to blow up the Time Chamber or suffer banishment, Majin Buu slimming down for the tournament only to leave a vacancy, Cabba helps Caulifla and Kale become Super Saiyans although Kale taps into a ‘Berserker’ form, Goku finding an unlikely ally in Frieza to fill that spot, and Universe 9 being wiped from existence. All this happened while leading up to the tournament in a matter of a few days. During the Universal Survival Tournament, the heroes of Universe 6 and Frieza would take on an ambush of fighters seeing as they blame Goku for this tournament, to begin with. However, after a failed attempt from Universe 9, the heroes seem to be ready to defend their universe against all comers.

Goku and Vegeta resort to conserving their power unless it deems necessary while the sibling androids #17 and #18 remind each other that they have no such limitation of running out of energy. Although their moment talking was a bit awkward it did remind me of the time when they fought alongside each other during the Android saga. If you’re wondering what Frieza has been doing, well he’s not impressed by the Omni-King and wishes to be stronger than him one day.


Credit: Toei Animations

The main focus of this week’s episode was the duo of Krillin and 18. It’s crazy to think that the best friend of the ‘World’s Strongest’ would be left in the dust after all these years but given the immense amount of character that has a lot to offer it’s hard to give him any room to grow. Despite all that the powers that be seem determined to give Krillin a story to be told as he’s was once Goku’s motivation to become a great fighter.

There’s no question that 18 is the strongest of the two but this episode highlights the duo with strength in numbers. However given the overflow of powerful characters trying to balance the weaker characters is always a stretch to imagine them hanging in the fight for long. Krillin truly shows up in this episode as Universe 7 manages to eliminate Jiumu, a bird-like fighter with the assist from Krillin. He then saves his wife from elimination which was followed by the husband and wife duo managing to eliminate Universe 4’s Shousa. Afterward, they were met with by a blind fighter named Majora. Krillin would oblige to fight the warrior by himself. #18 would mention that Majora uses his sense of smell to locate his opponents. That would last too long as Krillin would use this to his advantage by throwing Majora by his own shoe at his nose. Krillin would fire a Kamehameha attack to eliminate Majora. The victory was short lived as Frost would knock him off the stage with his tail. Frost would flee before #18 could confront. The episode would end with 43 minutes left in the Tournament of Power.

For those who are Krillin fans, this episode was his shining moment. He would take on some strong opponents all the while having his wife by his side. In the end, it was Krillin’s mistake that cost him and now anything can happen with Universe 7 losing a member.

The 100th episode is coming up and this episode will see a Saiyan warrior go… BERSERK!

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