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WAVE MMLZ “GOLD MEDALS” Ft. ChiefDVB [Co-Prod. by, Pigg Beats]

Credit: WAVE MMLZ; Edited by, The SPARX Team

His music brings some sort of tranquil approach with his latest track entitled, “Gold Medals”.

Written by,
J. Johnson

We’ve been following Tribe Chillin for some time now and there are those moments that each member releases a new solo track. It features another member adding a dynamic sound and pushes the point of the track for those who wonder what’s on the mind of MMLZ. This track entitled “Gold Medals” plays on that dynamic sound that both WAVE MMLZ and ChiefDVB offer whenever they collaborate.

Another notch on the belt of MMLZ is that he’s taken his work and pushed it into other music territories such as iTunes, Spotify, and TIDAL. “Gold Medals” is the 6th track/project that WAVE has been a part of and featured on iTunes.

Yesterday, the young mix master released this new track that explores the topic of handling business and succeeding on his own without the help of those holding him back. Could this be taken as a stuck up approach? Of course but with various ways WAVE MMLZ has been able to succeed his way and nobody else there’s no arguing the point. However, this isn’t mainly about the topic of the song but the skills to produce beats—that’s used by various artists coming up in the Vegas area—by WAVE MMLZ on multiple occasions. The beat used in this track definitely has a mellow tone that transfixes the listener in a tranquil state giving the listeners a chance to understand the lyrics. If you follow MMLZ via Twitter he does post short clips of a new beat he’s created for use either by himself or others who are willing to work with MMLZ. He has such promise to be a great producer that he continues to evolve with the time and improve his craft for other artists and himself.

So here’s “Gold Medals” by WAVE MMLZ ft. ChiefDVB:

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