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James Wan Steps Into The Resident Evil Universe

Resident Evil gets a little paranormal flare with the entry of James Wan joining the reboot as a producer.

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J. Johnson

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was promoted to be the last film of the Resident Evil franchise by Sony Pictures and Constantin Film. Although the franchise never hit it big domestically, but Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) became the highest-grossing movie with $60.1 million and $300.2 million worldwide. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter domestically earned $26.8 million but earned $285.4 million overseas. In the end, the final movie earned $312.2 million making it the highest worldwide gross of the franchise.

A couple of days ago, German production company Constantin Film had announced the reboot for the Resident Evil film franchise after the last several films told the story of Milla Jovovich’s character Alice. The company is hoping the reboot will span over a six-franchise like it te Alice saga. When the news dropped about a reboot to the Resident Evil film franchise no major details surfaced but now there are new details with iconic filmmaker James Wan coming abroad to serve as a producer. Another piece of news is Greg Russo will be pinning the new film and the cast will be entirely different despite nobody being signed to star yet. Russo also wrote the script for Mortal Kombat as Wan is known for box office hits Lights Out, Annabelle, Saw, and Insidious just to name a few.


Credit: Sony Pictures/Constantin Film/Screen Gem

According to Deadline, James Wan is slated to work alongside Constantin Film and Michael Clear for the upcoming sci-fi movie Atomic Monster. As James Wan has quickly become a heavy-hitter he’s also currently directing Aquaman for Warner Bros.

Although the reboot is moving rather quickly with a writer and producer there still is no director and no release dates but it shouldn’t be an issue given the reboot is coming fresh off the heels of the successful original installments, despite the numbers it drew in. We can only wait and see what direction the production company will take as we mentioned in our previous article that the focus was squarely on Milla Jovovich’s character Alice. Hopefully, we’ll have more details as the days go on.

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