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(Review) CK Noir – ‘Can’t Go Back’ (2017)

Credit: NC-13

“This is an unmastered track I recorded about 4 or so months ago….”

Written by,
Sean Wall

There’s no doubt that ‘The FutureCK Noir has been making his next release truly mean something. His support from those who hold out waiting for the new track has revitalized his career in music. Even though Psalms remains one of his longest unreleased mixtapes CK Noir manages to launch tracks that may or may not be on the mixtape itself.  Each one is a different approach to how his revamped style will be once the mixtape fully release.

Like each new track from CK Noir, there really seems to be no actual timeframe in which ‘Psalms‘ will be released. All we must do is wait and CK Noir‘s latest track ‘Can’t Go Back‘ is just that, not going back to the days where he struggled no matter how hard life can get. CK Noir‘s mission has always been better himself as an artist and since his previous remixes, this one is a good start as he seems to done away with the autotunes. He didn’t need them as his voice projects the sort of hardcore attitude that’s much needed in the hip-hop scene.

Can’t Go Back‘ makes for an approachable song to start a brand new evolution to his music. If you’re a new fan of his you’ll have to hear how much progression CK has gone through in the past three years. So check out the latest track, released this past Wednesday entitled, ‘Can’t Go Back‘.

To hear more songs like “2Much“, “What Is Love?“, “2 D E V I L S“,  & more from CK Noir, check out his SoundCloud.

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