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‘Profound’ MV by, Haresha [PROD. MMLZ & Lyfe Serel]

Credit: Haresha; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Profound (adj.): penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge; having deep insights or understanding.

The art of hip-hop and R&B has definitely changed and for one Arizona female artist, she’s only trying to make her dream come true.

Written by,
J. Johnson

There’s no doubt that Haresha‘s evolving sound would be tested and that would happen in the form of an MV. Her latest work on the music video is ‘Profound‘ from the EP “Mind a’ Mine” at the beginning of the new year. The EP had several unique tracks that would provide her fans with what’s to come for the new year. As we dubbed her the “Queen of the Vibes“, Haresha has definitely proven she’s ready to catapult her music to the next level. She’s earned that title with her frequent appearances in Tribe Chillin‘s tracks, only leaving her mark as another aspiring artist that’s exactly what you see in her new MV.

The MV starts off with a whimsical intro as if there’s no care in the world only to live your life. If there’s anything this music video does it will put the viewer and listeners into a trans. Check out the MV:

We’ve also had a chance to ask Haresha about ‘Profound‘ and here’s what she had to say;

Q: What kind of message were you trying to convey in the MV?

I was trying to show me doing my thing day to day, just grinding in my own way and exhibit how doing it with a sincere passion pushes me higher and higher and I feel it! Genuine desire will take you far.” – Haresha

Q: What’s profound about my music career so far?

All the incredibly talented individuals I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with, all the stages I’ve had the opportunity to be blessed, and all the ears that have been gracious enough to hear my sound! I have much appreciation and lover for all the above.” – Haresha

We can only wonder what’s in store for Haresha as the year isn’t over just yet. Could there be a new song being produced or perhaps a new mixtape/EP coming? Only she and the individuals she works with knows that information. However, whatever she has we surely believe that all ears will be listening.

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