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Dragon Ball ‘Super’ Episode 80: The Savior’s Son Has Returned! (Gohan vs. Lavenda)

Credit: Akira Toriyama; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Buu’s victory over Basil has put Universe 7 ahead of the game in the preliminary match-ups. Now in the second match, Gohan returns to fighting against an opponent that in ever sense of the word is an intoxicating brute. Welcome back Gohan!

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Nothing about this episode was dull at any point as the action-packed exhibition match between Universe 9’s Lavenda and Universe 7’s Gohan didn’t slow the pace down. The Trio of Dangers haven’t proven too dangerous in the fight against Buu but when Lavenda enters the ring, the danger mounts. In episode 80, with Gohan returning to the fight scene he doesn’t measure up to the same Gohan we knew from the Cell or Buu Saga.

The fight starts off with Gohan showing the signs of rust and after a brief exchange of punches; with both hitting the air, Lavenda would use his poisonous gas to blind Gohan. Not being able to see may have given Gohan the disadvantage but he would eventually focus on the fight. Bergamo would be impressed by Gohan’s ability to heighten his other sense and continue to fight against his brother as he exclaims, “Now that’s an opponent worth fighting!”

Although Gohan was given this unexpected handicap to battle Lavenda, Goku felt that this was the test Gohan needed to awaken his true powers. Gohan would track Lavenda’s movements by hearing and visualizing them. However, Lavenda would eventually map out Gohan’s technique and began flying to prevent Gohan from finding him.

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Midway into the match, Gohan would transform into a Super Saiyan, where he used his energy as a radar to find Lavenda. This wouldn’t last too long as Gohan’s energy consumption sped up the poison being spread throughout his body. In the end, Gohan would grab Lavenda driving him and himself into the ring knocking them both out. Gohan would get up for a brief moment smiling at the fact that he still had the fight and desire in him to try and win.

After the match, we learned that Zen-O-Sama was evaluating each universe while ranking them based on their mortal level. It would seem the King of Everything would not indeed wipe out 11 of the 12 Universes but only some as Whis revealed that it was the plan in the beginning. The four top universes are exempted from the tournament while the lower ones will compete for their survival. With Goku’s excitement now comes the third and final match as he takes on the brute force of Bergamo in episode 81. Simply put this episode purely felt like Dragon Ball Z all over without the extensive power-ups. There’s no way if you’re a Dragon Ball fan that this episode wouldn’t satisfy.

Dragon Ball Super, Episode 81: Crusher Bergamo vs Son Goku! Which Has Sky-High Strength?! will premiere March 5th, 2017.

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