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Dragon Ball Super Ep. 77: The Universal Survival Arc Has Begun!

Credit: Akira Toriyama; Edited by, The SPARX Team

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After months of teasing, anticipation, and various filler episodes with Goku’s being in peril, the new arc has officially begun. Last episode Krillin’s training appeared to bring back some familiar faces that threaten the universe. Although that isn’t the case Goku and the others have been preparing for this so-called Universal Survival Tournament. By word of the King Of Everything, Zen-O-Sama, has (although he forgot) decided to hold an all-universe martial arts tournament upon the stubborn request of Goku.

You have to loved how the episode opened with Goku, selling loads of farm’s crop to make a good load of money. Only Goku wasn’t doing this for a selfless reason he wanted to make the money for Chi-Chi so he could go off and train more with Whis. Goku also appears to have been lacking in combat seeing as he got grazed by a bullet in an attempted robbery. A telling part was the emotions Vegeta shown when Goku asked him to go train with him and Whis. Bulma appears to be pregnant with a second child. The persistent line “you’re not having the child” continued to be thrown around but Vegeta’s loyalty to Bulma has grown. Maybe it’s due to Vegeta seeing the lost of Bulma in the future. It could be the fact that Vegeta’s desires of beating Goku (Kakarot) may never come to pass. In any case, it’s great to see the brute accepting his role as a family man while maintaining his desire to be the best.

One part of episode 77 was the persistence of Beerus telling Goku not to get involved. For the first time, the fans saw the crack of Beerus as he seemed nervous regarding Goku’s meeting with Zen-O-Sama and informed Goku of his naivety with a punch to the chest. Take from the God of Destruction that when he showing any notions of apprehension towards Goku pushing for the tournament will lead to something greater than even Goku may never understand.

The tournament will host all 12 Universes in the Dragon Ball series where the stipulation hasn’t been stated yet. The battle of the universe arc will not only bring a multitude of fighters to the scene it will feature all 12 Gods of Destructions being featured, with their angels. Another interesting note is the debut of the new opening, long gone is the intro where Zamasu and Goku Black now we have a mysterious character fighting with seems to be a newly transformed Goku. In that same opening, we also got a glimpse of the fighters being in the tournament a girl in pink, a werewolf, other unknown characters it also saw the return of Frost and Cabba. However, it’s very interesting to note that the presumably new rival of Goku, Hit is nowhere in the intro. What happened to this legendary fighter? There’s no doubt the answer will be made clear as the arc continues.

Goku and Vegeta have become the focal point of this series so far but it’s finally happening where there’s no limit to the fighters involved. In episode 76 it was revealed that Krillin still embodies the strength of pursuing martial arts. Ever since the first time Vegeta step foot on Earth, Krillin has stepped up to those even when they’re stronger than him. Another surprise will be Gohan as his training with Piccolo unleashed his regressed power. Last time, Gohan fought was against Super Buu when Gotenks (Goten & Trunks) were in trouble.

There’s so much going on in this one episode from its opening to the end that anything can happen. We got the preview episode 78 where it appears the Gods of Destruction meet up to discuss the upcoming tournament. It also shows that Beerus’ warnings weren’t anything to hinder and that Goku may have made a grave mistake. Apparently, the losers of the tournament will have their universe destroyed. The theme survival of the fittest is literally being up for grabs and it’s not longer simply who’s the best fighter in existence. The Gods of Destruction are left shocked with the news of their potential demise. If you think Dragon Ball Super lost its steam after the Goku Black arc well it’s been picked up tremendously. Thank You Goku.

Thank You Goku.

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