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‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’: Campaign Mode

Star Wars: Battlefront | Credit: EA & DICE

‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ sequel promised to the be in-depth game fans have been clamoring for with proper story mode.

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When it was announced Star Wars would be getting a newly developed game like Battlefield made by developer DICE caused excitement. It featured some of the most impressive and accurate visuals of any Star Wars games to date, with a thin pool of content. However, with so much promise being teased about the game, Battlefront only catered to the multiplayer outlet. It seems as EA has learned the lesson of exclusion by announcing during a recent earnings report that Battlefront 2 will launch this holiday with a full single-player campaign.

EA and DICE’s Battlefield 1, was widely praised for the standard idea of a single player story driven campaign as it featured several smaller “war stories” from various aspects of WW1. It seems that same approach will have a similar effect with the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2, with players hopping across a wide galaxy’s history to wage war in various Star Wars scenarios from the battles on Jakku, shootouts in Jeddah, infiltrations missions on Naboo, or lightsaber and X-wing battles in the Force Awakens’ Takodana. There’s plenty of approaches they can make given the expanded universe at their disposal.

Star Wars: Battlefront | Credit: EA & DICE

Galactic Empire in Star Wars: Battlefront | Credit: EA & DICE

In the report, EA will be taking advantage of this expanded universe by having Battlefront 2 take place across multiple eras of Star Wars. EA has promised a bountiful choice of new playable heroes and characters as well as enhancing the depth of the game. Battlefront 2 states that the sequel will have players going for a more in-depth and progressive aspect when it comes to the game’s multiplayer modes. Although the original Battlefront had the lack of a campaign mode and didn’t produce a variety of maps to collect, EA is determined to deliver. For one the expectations are set high for fans to enjoy an immersed galaxy far far away but EA has listened to the fans and it will remain a mystery if Battlefront 2 is the game that fans have been waiting to play for hours.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is set for launch this holiday but doesn’t have a solid release date yet.

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