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CK Noir x World Watcher: “Can’t Go Back” [Trailer]

Credit: World Watcher

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Sean Wall

It’s been some time since CK Noir put anything new out in terms of music. The last music video featured a track titled “The Purge” from his latest mixtape “Henny & Sprite Vol. 3”. The track also featured an upcoming artist that collabs with CK Noir very often, Jay Million. His approach to recent projects is done in a methodical way that remains a testament to CK’s evolution. Given the new year, we waited to hear what “The Future” CK noir would be coming out within 2017. Eyes and ears remain set on releasing his mixtape “Psalms” which not much details have been revealed about it, including the release date.

Before the new year rained in, CK Noir would also release a little verse that was quote “A verse for my generation, what is love in this world?” The fact that he can step away from the music scene for awhile only to return making some noise leads to new music on the way. That wish came true on Sunday, the studio that has been working with CK Noir on his music videos, World Watcher released a promo shot featuring the young artist, CK Noir. Nothing really else followed suit until Monday night when the release of teaser trailer for a new music video entitled, “Can’t Go Back” came out.

The teaser is shot well as we see CK Noir seems to be in an empty parking lot. Before we hear any lyrics being laid down on this sick beat, you get a slow motion capture of him walking in the lot with a bottle of Hennessey wearing a checkered beanie and hoodie with ’00 New York’ on the back. Like the upcoming mixtape “Psalms”, this music video has no official release date but in the meantime enjoy the teaser directed by, World Watcher.

Welcome back CK Noir.

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