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WWE: Triple H Speaks About Shinsuke Nakamura; Call-ups to the Main Roster

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The day it was announced, Shinsuke Nakamura would be heading to WWE the wrestling world caused so much buzzed the internet couldn’t contain it. His presence was felt throughout NJPW with his signature Strong Style and flamboyant mannerisms. Debuting in NXT, the Japanese sensation has completely turned the WWE universe on its head with the coined strong style that made him so famous and the addition of many well-rounded attributes that keeps this athlete fresh among the fans. It’s been well over a year and anticipated fans have been wondering when he’ll be called up to the main roster. When Shunsuke Nakamura lost his NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, the rapid rumor mill began to spin about whether he might be bound for the main WWE roster. Soon enough Nakamura won the title back less than a week later. However, with WrestleMania season looming overhead and a GLORIOUS contender being crowned, we may still see a Nakamura call up soon.

In a new interview with ESPN UK, Paul “Triple H” Levesque spoke about how he wants fans to start rethinking the process and the meaning of a wrestler being called up. Levesque would also speak about Nakamura being called up to the main roster and pointed out that it’s not an “all or nothing” situation with “call-ups” from now on. He goes on to say, NXT is a viable, touring promotion that has its own fans and sells out multiple shows all over the world. One major point made by Levesque is that calling up a wrestler from the NXT doesn’t only have to indicate success in the WWE.

Here are some words cited from the interview Triple H had with ESPN UK:

“One of the things that’s funny to me — I always laugh at it — is when people say to me, ‘I watch Nakamura every week in NXT. I don’t know why they don’t put him on Raw so I can watch him on Raw every week,” WWE executive Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque told ESPN, pulling a confused facial expression.

“You’re getting to see him, right? You’re getting to see him doing what he does, in a big way. The opportunities are there. He’s got that clean path now to get here, when he gets here he might go there, he might go back.”

Since the WWE split their entire roster and have called up multiple names from the NXT roster already, Nakamura is reportedly making big money and already considered the face of NXT. It would be a great surprise to see Nakamura on the WrestleMania card in some capacity. And after some of the comments made, it would be a surprise to see Nakamura making an impact on the RAW after WrestleMania… Maybe! For now, the new #1 contender for the NXT Championship is Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura may have a GLORIOUS championship defense.

Remember when Shinsuke Nakamura was scheduled to debut on NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn?;

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