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Attack on Titan (Season 2) Trailer: The TITANS are Back!

Credit: Wit Studio & Kodansha Comics

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During Christmas, all anime fans got an early present from Wit Studio and Kodansha Comics in the form of a new Attack on Titan update. The goriest, enthralling, and compelling anime of all time has returned with season 2 as the first season ended with numerous cliffhangers. In the last episode, fans found out that Annie Leonhart—a member of the Military Police Brigade—was revealed to be the female Titan. Many can speculate that there could be more humans disguised as a Titan.

We can all be sure that season 2 will have a lot of major revelations to come after Eren’s Titan battle. Funimation released an official statement about the trailer:

“Attack on Titan is set to return in April 2017. See the first glimpse of the new season here in this official promotional video from Kodansha! New titans, new locations, and new human warriors, as well as many familiar faces, come into play this time around”

The Armored Titan attacking Eren | Credit: Wit Studio & Kodansha

The Armored Titan attacking Eren | Credit: Wit Studio & Kodansha Comics

It’s being touted although fans are familiar with new Titans and characters, those who are following the anime adaptation should prepare themselves for several plot twists. The new season will also feature several key points from the manga. The last time we saw The Armored Titan, it breached Wall Maria and now it has returned taking Eren down with one punch. What else will happen in the new season?

Here’s the new trailer below:

The new season of Attack On Titan will premiere in April 2017.

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