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“#majorspoileralert” MC Jin (2016)

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Sean Wall

XIV:LIX  saw its release a little over two years ago and yet the legendary rapper still in his words exclaims to himself not to look at it as a comeback. However, to many, it was something long overdue as MC Jin would take a mini hiatus from the United States to find himself in Hong Kong. Upon coming back he would return as a husband and father with a newly acceptance of God in his life. It’s been a year or so since Jin went back to releasing any new material or freestyles, the last being a pitch for his character to return to the Fast & Furious franchise. The video entitled Dear Dom” was a heartfelt message to Dom portrayed by Vin Diesel to not forget there’s someone else who meant a little more to Brian as well.

The MC Jin now is a well-rounded and knowledgeable man who paces himself whenever tackling a certain venture. Hence his comedian career that seemed to be a hobby at first but quickly evolved into a routine for him to explore his social skills on a larger scale. The now, entertainer Jin would challenge himself by hosting an event called, “NAS vs. NBA” which turned out to be an experience to see who an all Asian-based crowd would react to various jokes from the other group that has no association with Asians.

Now since that time all of his fans have been wondering what’s next for the humbling rapper. Well, the zealous entertainer takes his next project to the roots of his success; freestyling! There were two important messages via MC Jin‘s Twitter (@iammcjin),



And most importantly a the legendary rapper has finally released another freestyle. The use of his surroundings is example enough that he can still create such a buzz thousands are talking about it. Even those who haven’t watched ‘Empire‘ & ‘The Walking Dead are sharing the new freestyle purely for the fact that its Jin, lyrically relatable, and amazing. We don’t know exactly when the new album may come out, although when a fan tweeted him saying 2017 will be a good one along with a possible release he would simply reply with a smile. Anything is possible and we as fans are subjected to playing the waiting game.

In the meantime, check out the freestyle touches on ‘The Walking Dead’ & ‘Empire’:

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