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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 67: With New Hope!! In Our Hearts Farewell, Trunks” (Review)

Credit: Toei Animation; Edited by, The SPARX Team

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In episode 66, Future Trunks unexpectedly gathered an unbelievable amount of power as the fusion of Goku & Vegeta; Vegito burst through all the energy they had. Fusion Zamasu would not allow Future Trunks to defeat him let alone any mortal as he’s trying to spread his own brand of justice. Despite all the fighting Fusion Zamasu would seem to be defeated as Future Trunks ran his sword through and followed it up by cutting him half. It would seem the evil tyranny of Fusion Zamasu was over, however, Zamasu‘s energy returns and begins to spread over the entire planet. What’s next?

This past, Saturday in Japan (Sunday being available in Japanese in the United States), Zamasu will not accept his defeat to a mortal who seem to be defeated moments ago. Gowasu explains that his former apprentice has cast away his physical body and is trying to merge his spirit and energy with the entire universe. You say to yourself while watching this episode, it’s over Zamasu just give up but the resiliency of this god makes you appreciate his motives as purely passionate. Zamasu is by far the best villain to ever step foot in the Dragon Ball franchise and yes that’s even stronger than Broly & Omega Shenron (if you want to count the ‘GT‘ series). It’s also significant that Zamasu‘s energy can be felt throughout the present timeline, where Beerus & Whis sense it. There hasn’t been any villain able to stand up against the heroes and cause so much destruction even through the energy they omit.

Credit: Toei Animation

Credit: Toei Animation

When you watch the episode further, Goku would search for a Senzu Bean in his pocket but finds the button that Zeno gave him in the present timeline. Goku presses the button and Future Zeno appears. Goku would explain the situation and just like that Zeno would erase the future timeline due to the corruption of Zamasu has caused. As a result, Gowasu & Supreme Kai teleport away, Goku and the others escape to the present, and Fusion Zamasu would be destroyed.

The episode would end with a gentle and subtle tone with Goku introducing Future Zeno & Present Zeno together filling his promise to Present Zeno that he would find a friend to play with him. Whis meets another angel that is revealed to be his father. Whis would also invite his father to visit Universe Seven. You wouldn’t imagine that angels have a family heritage but Dragon Ball keeps getting better in terms of character depth. In all this time of peace, Whis would present Future Trunks & Future Mai a new future timeline prior to Zamasu becoming a threat. This option would create a safer and new version of the future but there will be duplicates of both Future Trunks & Mai. After both would agree to this option, Future Trunks & Mai would return to their new future. Could this be the last time we see Future Trunks? Only time will tell the tale.

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