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Dragon Ball Super Episode 65: Final Judgement?! The Supreme God’s Ultimate Power! (Review)

Credit: Toei Animation; Edited by, The SPARX Team

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Last week, the heroes came close to defeating Zamasu, as Future Trunks attempted to seal him away with the Mafuba (Evil Containment Wave). The plan would fail as Kid Trunks informs his mother that the amulet to keep Zamasu sealed was forgotten back in the present timeline. Zamasu would escape and realize that he and Goku Black (Past Zamasu) have underestimated the humans (Zamasu calls them mortals) with the power they possess. Zamasu tells Goku Black that their power must be fully realized to complete their plan; “Zero Mortals Plan“. Seeing that emergency for what it was Zamasu would fuse with Goku Black to become one being… “The Absolute God… Zamasu“.

My form is justice! My form is the world!

Zamasu newly found powers are on the forefront in this episode as Goku and Vegeta are stopping at nothing to defeat the now immortal/ultimate strength God. The episode starts off with other characters fearing for their lives about what is to come. Zamasu with all the confidence of his new powers shows off the newly found power against Goku and Vegeta. Meanwhile, after Vegeta entrusts Future Trunks to take care of Bulma and Mai by getting them away from the dangers of Zamasu. Throughout the episode, we see the Saiyans at the mercy of Zamasu with moves that are all named to pierce the so-called evil in the world “made for the gods, by a god“.

Unlike most Dragon Ball Super episodes in the past this episode had an ominous, suspenseful, and destructive feeling. Another point in this episode was seeing Zamasu always up high gazing down on the mortals below him. Even with no plans to defeat Zamasu just yet, the Saiyans have various moments that caught Zamasu off guard. Despite being taken down with various moves of Zamasu like ‘Blades of Judgement‘ & ‘Holy Wrath‘, the heroes vow to never give up even with no plan to fight back.

Credit: Toei Animation

Credit: Toei Animation

The episode reaches a climatic point when Future Trunks joins in the fight and tries to strike Zamasu down with his sword, but fended off by the new god. Future Trunks unleashes the Galick Gun to hold off Zamasu. Vegeta gets up and joins in with his own Galick Gun. A power struggle ensues almost reminiscence of Gohan battling Cell while Goku would encourage in the last ditch effort to defeat him. Vegeta and Future Trunks‘ effort overpowers Zamasu‘s attack, but the god’s angry would be unleashed towards Future Trunks. Vegeta saves his son from a deadly blow but he’s still alive. Goku would finally come to and does a Kamehameha wave followed by, Zamasu‘s ‘Holy Wrath‘ wave ending the episode in suspense.

Episode 65 truly was an episode that had moments of nostalgia. From the father & son attack featuring Vegeta & Future Trunks to being completely helpless in the sense of ‘What’s Next?‘ like Goku and Vegeta were when they fought Kid Buu. It also gave the audience a reason to be invested in the next episode as the sense of urgency is relevant to the purpose. In the previews for episode 66, it seems the tide has turned with the return of Vegito battling what seems to be a morphed Zamasu; possibly powered up. We also get a glimpse of Vegito becoming a Super Saiyan God (Blue). One thing is for certain this episode will be action pack and you don’t want to miss it!

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