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“Truth Be Told” Sunfreakz ft. Whitney Tai

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2 years ago…

That was the beginning, as we quickly learned her voice was magic. When the initial time came we began working with Whitney Tai her passion for music was already embedded in her blood as her family has a legacy of being involved in music in many different facets. In her feature entitled “The Diamond In the Rough” we learned so much more about the New York artist that it was hard to deny that she will truly become a star for the talent was all there. Tai would sing and perform at a young age and the influences of her parents she’s evolved into an amazing musician. Her talents have taken her to many opportunities and when her EP entitled ‘Forever‘ debuted back in May it was met with enthusiastic praise that it garnered the attention of Belgian composer-producer Sunfreakz (aka Tim Janssens) who himself has given plenty of remixes by artists such as Ne-Yo, Nelly Furtado, and more.

Fast forward to the present with Whitney Tai and Sunfreakz have collaborated on a new song, entitled “Truth Be Told” that not only has the potential to be a new dance craze song but will captivate your attention throughout. The song is provided with astounding vocals that fuel the song with so much energy that dancing becomes the only option. Accompanied with the single, is the music video as Whitney Tai and Sunfreakz contributes such a mesmerizing visual that it shows why the style of Whitney Tai and EDM belong together. The theme is another aspect of the song that breathes life into the song as it’s said to be “the art of learning to love and respect our existence within a fast paced, technologically advancing world”.

Truth Be Told” is available on iTunes and Whitney Tai’s SoundCloud. Here’s the LA Rush Remix of “Truth Be Told” MV below:

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