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“Love Xistz” Chief (2016)

Credit: Laziart

Written by,
Sean Wall

Without a doubt, this is a surprise track coming from someone who uses the modern hardcore style of hip-hop. As soon as the song starts you get you’ll instantly bop your head to the opening hook. It’s like Chief went back to the 90’s and flipped the “Summer Time” song from Will Smith peppered in some bass and slow down the tempo to create a magnificent R&B flow. The lyrics are simple, creative, and relatable that you will be able to follow along. It’s a testament to Chief as the first time hearing his music there was tremendous potential but now hearing how well he’s developed his sound it’s amazing to hear this song become his own.

I told you that I would not call back… But I did and I did it again.” – Chief

So here’s the latest single by, ChiefLove Xistz“:

This song was released this past Tuesday, as Tribe Chillin is looking to make their comeback with a show in Los Angeles on November 11th. It was only a matter of time before the group would get back together to create more magic. Despite the fact that Cloud would only be featured in some songs here and there, Dreamcatcher & Andwhy were nowhere to be found. Sometimes you must step away to gather your thought to come back focused. However, Chief and Wave have both been active whether it be featuring together or with other artists in the Las Vegas area trying to make a name for themselves. The mixtape “Blue Moon Studio” and the album “Poly” are prime examples of these advances. Only time will tell for when Cloud, Dreamcatcher, and Andwhy to release their own mixtape or album.

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