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Pokémon ‘Generations’ Episode 5/6: The Legacy & The Reawakening

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EPISODE V: “The Legacy”

Last week in episode 4 we explored the reaches of Team Rocket being battled by the Elite Four leader, Lance along with his Dragonite. Mahogany Town would be disrupted by the mysterious criminal group and caused the Red Gyarados to attack in a burst of rage. The episode ended with Lance defeating the remnants of Team Rocket and brought peace back to Mahogany Town. In this week’s episode, we’re introduced to someone who has deep roots However, the infamous group would attempt one last time to organize the group and broadcast to its leader, Giovanni from Goldenrod City…..

In this week’s episode, we’re introduced to someone who shares the same blood as Team Rocket‘s leader as Detective Looker is exploring any leads to find Giovanni who suddenly disappeared.

EPISODE VI: “The Reawakening”


A region full of history that one historic landmark is the sole purpose for the region’s tradition. We only got glimpses of a few legendary Pokémon in the first episode as they were either battling or simply making a grandiose entrance adding the element of drama. This episode explores the connection between four legendaries that share the essence of life together.

Appropriately named “The Reawakening“, episode vi gives you a more detailed look at the death and rebirth of the “Legendary Beasts“, as well as the return of prominent Johto character (introduced in Pokémon Crystal) Eusine.

Check out the episode below:

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