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Jason Chu x Track IX (Rap)

(From left to right) Jason Chu & Track IX | Credit: Somlit

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J. Johnson

Jason Chu has become someone that loves to build with others through the passion and dedication of music. If you’ve caught our ‘2 Years of SPARX’ day where we recently highlighted Chu’s ambitious campaign for his debut album “ARRIVALS”. The album is targeted for those who may not know Jason Chu to get a chance to know who he is. Jason Chu would take to KickStarter to realize his dream of releasing an album, along with interesting content that will be an interactive avenue for many fans of Chu. Yesterday it was updated on Jason Chu’s facebook page that with the thanks to several surprising donors jumping it with 16% bringing the entire campaign being 69% funded!

There’s only $3,100+ left to be fully funded with 21 days to go. Please support this amazing campaign to learn more about the perks and various content that will come of it by clicking the link, ( )

Recently, Jason Chu would collab with a very interesting and awarding beatboxer. Beatboxer? What’s that? A beatboxer is someone who creates a beat with their mouth by using the lips and heavily exhaling. Beatboxing helped build on the foundation of  hip-hop to a new level back in the late 80’s. Track IX takes her talent and merges it with Jason Chu’s storytelling rap. Track beatboxing has been featured in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’, TV commercials, and Kollaboration Los Angeles city showcase, and you can’t forget she has her own YouTube channel. The mini music video was directed, shot, and edited by Somlit.

Check out the video below:

The full-length studio album ‘ARRIVALS‘ will be available in FALL 2016. Don’t forget to follow and like Jason Chu on his social media outlets Twitter & Facebook. Also, visit for any info.

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