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‘By Your Side’ by Chief (2016)

Artwork: Lazi; Edited by The SPARX Team

Written by Sean Wall

A few days ago, Haresha latest single “Cheetah Sounds” was unleashed to the world as it featured Chief, Flow Simpson, and produced by WAVE MMLZ. You can hear the hardcore style from the presumed leader of Tribe Chillin (although stated by the group themselves that there’s no official leader of the group) that has become a norm for the young artist. Chief has this passionate and developing style that is easy to pick up, but this time, it’s different. You will hear that difference soon enough as it brings a bigger presence to Chief.

It was only a couple of days ago when Chief of Tribe Chillin released a new song entitled “By Your Side” produced by Lyfe Serel and himself. The song’s artwork depicts a whimsical image of a man and woman under an umbrella sharing a moment of love whilst it rains. If there’s any indication what this song is telling you just from the artwork alone is that Chief will be rapping or singing about love in some way. Credit to Lazi for a pretty straightforward and telling image for Chief’sNew vibe“. The song itself is like a well-roundedness for Chief. It plays to the genre of R&B with a little edge of Hip-Hop. Although the artist is developing a sound for himself and his fans I commend him for trying to bring those two big genres together. Daring, yes and executed with true grit of an artist.

You have to also give credit to Chief for his way of informing the fans of his music that something new is coming. When you get an artwork posted and his signature “Lets vibe this week” posted via @ChiefDVB (his personal Twitter; give him a follow) then, you know he’s about to drop something heavy. It’s special that Chief would release this song during this month as it shares a special moment. Chief released ‘Mindful Living’ on July 22nd, 2015, that was another (the first) big benchmark for him as he was hands on and worked diligently on it to be a great success.

What else can you say, but hope new music comes sooner from the ‘leader’ of Tribe Chillin? ‘By Your Side’ is a different take and gives you a little more depth to Chief as he’s not just about his struggles, but a human being with an emotional attachment to dreams and that special person who may come into his life. Like previously mentioned about Haresha, strive for your dreams and enjoy what you do.

Here’s ‘By Your Side’ by, Chief (PROD. Lyfe Serel & Chief):

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