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Review: ‘Blue Moon Studio’ (2016)

Front & Back Cover "Blue Moon Studio"/Official tracklist | Artwork: Richie Rizo & Edited by The SPARX Team

Written by J. Johnson

It’s almost become a once in a lifetime sort of occurrence. “Once in Blue Moon” by its very definition meaning rare. The title can have many meanings even though there’s the most common one. Two possible reasons come to mind like, you may never get to see these artists record together or this could be the beginning of new ventures in development. Maybe “Blue Moon Studio” had something to do with the actual beer itself. One can speculate, but the ones behind the mixtape can answer that question.

The mixtape’s artwork is done by the phenomenal Richie Rizo. It wasn’t until this past Tuesday that the official tracklist was released. It gives you the sense of the secrecy they tried to make this mixtape instead of pushing single releases.

To get a taste what you’re going to be hearing here’s the mixtape titled track “Blue Moon Studio”:

“Blue Moon Studio” is the most anticipated project coming from Tribe Chillin member, Chief & Spaced Life member, FLOW Simpson. The mixtape itself has 10 unique tracks that are produced by piggbeats, Ze, MMLZ, Jayno, Mally Beats, & 187Beatz. From start to finish you will hear the approach of all six producers. It’s always great to have a mixtape with a sense of diversity. The self-titled mixtape track, ‘Blue Moon Studio’ gives you the set up as they rap about the life and motivations they thrive off of to succeed. We were given this track last month on May 21st. Bounce to track #3 entitled, “Slime” and you get a WAVE/Haresha collaboration it’s safe to say that these two have a sound that mixes pretty well. Another great use of Haresha using her talent is in track #8 “Stages” which she’s featured in along with Chief & FLOW Simpson. The beat brings the song together as there’s no doubt why 187Beatz consistently works with The Tribe.

When you listen to the entire mixtape you can appreciate the hard work and effort put into it. The sense of any artist is measured by the dedication put into any project. “Blue Moon Studio” is just the start of each artist featured will always involve themselves with others that have the same aspiration to succeed with music. With the unique sounds, this collective group of people produces there’s no telling how far they will go.

“Blue Moon Studio” is streaming on various outlets and ready for download on

Don’t forget to follow them all on twitter: @TribeChillin | @ChiefDVB | @wavemmlz | @Andy_Hidagloo | @JoshMCarillo | @DreamCatcherTC | @piggbeats | @hareshaa | @Flow_Simpson |@richierizzz

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