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Charlie Kim ‘Link Up’ [PREVIEW]

Credit: Terrence Adeyanju

Written by J. Johnson

Our scope for superb talent is unmeasurable, as we always look for the best rising artists no matter the language. To paraphrase what was said in the previous article about Charlie Kim’s latest preview, “Behind the pictures of his smiles, style, the candor in which he acts, the delivery of his music… For me, it begs me to ask many questions. Not saying any of that is a negative aspect about him.” Even after saying that his style has that enigmatic approach. As the lyrical story is being told you can see the formation of a new sub-genre “Future Blues”. One thing learned about Kim is he doesn’t want to lose that interaction with the fans so he keeps the loose narrative as he prioritizes the visuals. Perhaps, a music video is on the way… One can only hope and wait patiently.

“Deadman Walking” only was the tip of the iceberg to the upcoming LP being worked on by Charlie himself. Now we get another preview, but this time, it has a spin of soul like you never heard before. Entitled “Link Up”, we get a song that like other ones produced has a message to it, but the minute and a half preview is enough to grasp the concept.

After all the late nights and toying with this song, we finally get Charlie Kim’s fruit for the next hit he wants his fans to appreciate. “Link Up” will see a full release tomorrow and if you appreciated the risque style of “Me and My Girl” you will definitely do what the title says and link up.

Check out the preview below:

In the meantime visit his outlets to know the what’s happenings of Charlie Kim:
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