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“Just Fine” JackEL & ZaZa

Credit: FVYDID

Written by Sean Wall

It seems that the Vegas artist known as JackEL hasn’t strayed too far from the music scene as he’s still in the studio mixing and scratching new tunes. His new direction allows his music to be dictated by his own pace and vision. Not only does he intend to catapult his own career to the next level his vision is to help other artists and producers get their name out there. The vision for JackEL’s 2016 was nothing short of making his music resonate with his fanbase and create a wave of music that will constantly be played throughout the clubs, parties, and social gatherings all over Las Vegas.

JackEL’s latest venture is FVYDID an entity that consists of collective, brand, label, lifestyle made for talented artists who live and breathe creativity. As the music industry has become a deep pool of talented individuals trying to cement their own sound, JackEL intends to help by providing a platform that helps artists gain recognition and income for their work along with his partner ZaZa, an artist that has the same vision as JackEL and intends to make those who enjoy the sounds of music realize their dreams just like they do. The FVYDID not only wants to reach across the music industry, but the digital, paper, and television aspects as well. Something a company in modern day times needs to do to survive and create an image different than others.

While JackEL & ZaZa have created an organization that solely for the creative minds of the world they have released a track that has party vibes incorporated. As the new is titled “Just Fine”, you can feel that the song itself is… JUST FINE by us. You can vibe to it as well as understand the message being sung to the fans who have enjoyed the song too. Truth be told JackEL doesn’t seem to produce music that has a complex structure it’s a refreshing and developing undertaken that’s lacking in music today. Of course, it doesn’t follow the trend of hardcore EDM or Trap music, but his style is only finding the right tones and rhythms to show the world why he’s truly an inspirational artist. As for the vocals, ZaZa is the precious country gal that could give Taylor Swift a challenge. Given the fact that this is the first song I’ve ever heard from her, this isn’t the end for she’s developing the right tone for the perfect. No wonder JackEL chose her to be featured. We only wonder if JackEL is saving the best for a later date… Guess we have to wait and see what’s coming next.

Take a listen to “Just Fine” by JackEL & ZaZa below:

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