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CK Noir “Codeine Tears” [Prod. Benihana Boi]

Credit: CK Noir

Written by Sean Wall


Can we call him a ghost? A phantom? Perhaps a ghost artists that has something extraordinary planned to release in the near future? By any stretch of the imagination, CK Noir has been away from the social light for some time now. Only those individuals that don’t actually know him will ponder if he left the music scene as a whole, but let’s face it, ‘The Future’ (as we dubbed him) definitely has no plans to leave music as it’s the very passion that motives him among many other positive influences. Now comes the burning question that even I had to ask, “When’s the new music coming out?” Fortunate enough for the large contingent of Noir fans he’s finally showing up again with a fresh new song.

On June 1st, CK Noir would take to facebook and post two pictures containing imagery of the famed black and white with a subtly added color—whether it be red, blue, or gold—theme he usually goes for when promoting an upcoming music project. Both promotional materials were entitled “Codeine Tears” & “Never Fall”. It didn’t take long for Noir as the first new track as the next day “Codeine Tears” was released.

When the song comes on you hear the famous line “Yeah!”, knowing the leader of Noir City is about to spit some heavy lyrics. A message is rearing its head as CK Noir seems to be speaking on the rapid rise in violence. Codeine Tears is an appropriate name for the track as each day somebody’s loved one is lost at the mercy of a gun or another cruel act of violence. The ones losing the person they’ve loved has to eventually ease their pain with somber tears. It’s a harsh and senseless way to lose a loved one. CK Noir definitely is speaking from the heart as this track takes a complete turn from his normal sounds. You could only wonder if he lost someone recently to make this kind of song or maybe he’s seen these senseless acts of violence done to someone close to him. Either way, the song is a message and should have listened to this two and half minutes track.

After the release of “Codeine Tears” there was no word on when “Never Fall” will be released, it could this Sunday or next week, nevertheless, the new direction CK Noir is going will definitely resonate with his dedicated fans and bring new listeners to wonder what he’s rapping about. Believe us, we know ‘The Future’ is not going to allow his music to stray from his original plan of success. All we can do is enjoy the music and allow this young artist expand his mind along with fans that remain loyal to him. With that being said, CK Noir did reveal that a new mixtape will be due for release on June 16th, so only him and others working on the tape know of the content, just have to wait and listen out.

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