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Ghost Recon ‘Wildlands’: All Out War! (Trailer)

Credit: Ubisoft

Written by Sean Wall

Ahead of E3, it seems like many gaming companies are placing their bets on one of the most popular genres in the industry, first-person shooter. We all know the deal with these video games as they will take away major of your life complete fictitious missions whether it be online or in the campaign mode—which seems to be something of a distant past even though still used. On May 26th, Ubisoft has thrown its hat in that scramble with a brand new installment of the Tom Clancy series, Ghost Recon, only this time they enter the Wildlands.

The new trailer showcases the new Ghost Recon gameplay from the open-world title and reminding you what it means to be GHOST. While watching the 2-minute trailer it depicted a four-man black-ops squad trekking across the world.

Credit: Ubisoft

Credit: Ubisoft

The Wildlands are a reactive open-world environment where every individual choice will determine the fate you play. A new feature called, Faction Influence System turns the game into one dangerous situation or may turns the advantage in your favor to seize control of the cartel’s traffic patterns, patrols, and movements. You can now play every mission the way you want: utilize stealth to take the enemy down quietly, develop a plan and execute it to perfection to strategically eliminate all targets, or just get your hands on the most lethal weapons you can find and come out guns blazing.

Journey through Ubisoft’s largest action-adventure open world and discover the diverse landscapes of the most beautiful (and dangerous) place on Earth, from the arid mountains to the lush jungles. Explore Bolivia on and off road, in the air, on land, and at sea with over 60 different vehicles.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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