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Tier 1 Wrestling Presents: ‘March To Victory’ (2016) – Results

Featuring: RudeBoy Riley, Tony Nese, Timothy Thatcher, & Tommaso Ciampa | Credit: Tier Wrestling; Edited by The SPARX Team

Written by J. Johnson

On March 20th, the management and roster of Tier 1 Wrestling were fast approaching three golden rules, show time, their biggest event to date, and debut Live on WWNLive’s iPPV. The night was chilly for the first day of Spring but ended in a heatwave of surprises & pure wrestling from the roster. It started out as an idea that blew up into a mega Indy promotion that some STILL haven’t heard of yet. However, those some, by the end of night/reading this will understand why that statement has changed.

‘March To Victory’ was announced back on December 4th with a huge match that would ultimately be changed later in February. Tier 1 Management assured the fans that a suitable opponent would replace Michael Elgin to take on Timothy Thatcher for the possible future EVOLVE title match. That early announcement sparked the build-up to this extraordinary night. As the event began to fill up with matches the athletic prowess started to shine; not like it wasn’t there to begin with. Come the month of March, the match card was stacked with compelling stories and athletes that wanted to do nothing but wrestle like they’ve always dreamt.

Darius Carter Vs. Fred Yehi
Brass Ring Open Invitational

In the opening match, the confidence was oozing out of ‘Wrestling’s Richest Prize’ and ‘Crusade of Change’ member, Darius Carter as he bragged about his previous two wins in one night and was ready to back it up. Yehi had a different solution to the Brass Ring streak as his onslaught seemed to be too much for Carter. It was vicious and methodical as previously mentioned, but in the end of the match, Carter was able to get the better of Yehi after an unintentional headbutt. Carter capitalized on this by hitting his finisher ‘Foreclosure’ with his knee exposed to win the match.

Carter would go on to celebrate only being shorted lived by an unexpected visitor JT Dunn who announced his arrival in Tier 1. Carter didn’t take too kindly to Dunn interrupting his celebration. What was an exchange of word turned into a heated confrontation, where the arrival of ‘The Juice’ was explosive when a ‘Death By Elbow’ was delivered stunning Carter to the mat.

Gran Akuma Vs. ‘Colossal’ Mike Law Vs. JustNeph Vs. Joey Ace Vs. Nutrious X Vs. ‘The EmpBruh of the Ring’ Black Baron
Six Way Elimination Fray

Ace and Nutrious started the match off, but it quickly dissolved in all six men throwing the rules out the window by entering the ring. JustNeph was eliminated first, followed by Mike Law, and Nutrious X was the last before the final two began to fight for dominance. Gran Akuma did release a video prior to this match stating how this night was a make it or break kind of night. Unfortunately, for Akuma the night wasn’t too kind to the seasoned veteran in a monumental upset, the debuting ‘EmpBruh’ Black Baron would advance to the final ‘Six Way Elimination Fray’, joining Ace Romero, VsK, & Sonny Kiss by pinning Akuma.

Once the Fray was over, Mike Orlando would beat down a member of the Cutthroat Kings; former friend; ‘The Five Star Stud’ Joey Ace. Following the assault on Ace a masked man would come out to interfere, but Orlando made quick work of the assailant. Logan Black would blindside Orlando from behind only to begin the Street Fight!

‘The Elite Athlete’ Mike Orlando Vs. ‘The American Nightmare’ Logan Black
Street Fight

When Street fight is promoted then, it has to be just that a fight taken to the street. Orlando & Black took the fight practically everywhere. The use of a hockey stick and many steel chairs were the weapons of choice as Black tossed Orlando into a pile of them. In the end, with the assist from the man who was supposed to be guarding Orlando’s girlfriend, Ms. New York AnnaTheresa Treppiedi. The intimidating Juba looked to military press Treppiedi out of the ring into a sea of chairs, but Sonny Kiss and Alex Mason ran in for the save. Although they came in for the save this rivalry has just begun between the Cutthroat Kings & Mike Orlando.

Aja ‘Super’ Perera w/ Nina Monet Vs. ‘The Clockwork Angel’ Katred w/ Dementia DeRose
Valkyrie Women’s Professional Wrestling Showcase

Katred would be as underhanded as possible to make sure Perera didn’t walk away with the victory. Perhaps Katred wanted to send any woman athlete trying to join the roster of Tier 1 in the future a message. ‘Super’ Perera was relentless given the utter viciousness from Katred. Despite the best efforts from ‘The Clockwork Angel’, Perera was able to finish off her opponent with a high thrust kick to the back of her head.

EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher Vs. Tommaso Ciampa
First Time Ever – If Ciampa wins he’ll get a future EVOLVE Championship match

“WRESTLING!” Each moment in this match was everything you could imagine. You had no choice, but to admire the technical ability from both men, but it changed once Ciampa’s violent streak kicked in. The echoes of each knee shot to Thatcher’s head was an “Oh My God” moment, getting the fans invested in the match. Even at points when it looked like Thatcher would get some kind of momentum going ‘The Psycho Killer’ would thwart the process with a knee. At one point Thatcher would have a glazed over look as Ciampa came at him with a running knee. In an attempt to embarrass Thatcher with a seriously earth-shattering series of slaps Ciampa would be stopped with a brutal headbutt that sent him crumbling to the mat. That would be the victory shot for Thatcher to get the victory.

Booty & The Beast (‘The Concrete Rose’ Sonny Kiss and ‘The Carnivore’ Alex Mason) Vs. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) Vs. Monkey Flip (Space Monkey & Travis ‘Flip’ Gordon) Vs. Spring Street Suicide Squad (Ken Lee & Chris Crunk)
Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match

Before the match began, Randy Summers and Chris Crunk had a little fun with a rap battle followed by, a twerk-off between Watts and Kiss, Gordon breakdanced, and Mason challenged Monkey to a push-up contest, but Monkey had no interest in a contest of push-ups as he climbed the corner upside down. This match had the fun moments displaying the death-defying, brilliant teamwork, and why tag team wrestling is an essential part of wrestling. As the face-paced action continued the newly formed team ‘Monkey Flip’ was able to pick up the victory with a spectacular sequence of moves that ended with a corkscrew moonsault from Gordon.

‘The Unpredictable’ JGeorge Vs. ‘Bonesaw’ Jessie Brooks
Last Person Standing

A rivalry spilling over from ‘Rise Or Die Trying’, JGeorge & Brooks will have to battle it out to settle this score. JGeorge took every opportunity to tell the Brooklyn crowd how better he was and definitely try to empathize his dominance by beating down Brooks. However, Jessie Brooks came right back and gave JGeorge everything he could handle and more. After a series of perfectly executed suplexes and stiff forearms, she had JGeorge hung up on the ropes. The fight was great, but FEDERATED shockingly arrived to make a run-in for JGeorge. Vsk caused the distracting for the referee, Ace Romero put Brooks down with a devastating spinning side slam after trying to fight off the super-heavyweight. It took two more hits to keep Jessie Brooks down for JGeorge to get the win and to celebrate he became the new member of FEDERATED. Even this celebration wouldn’t last long as Ethan Page charged the ring with the returning Fallah Bahh! They would prevent FEDERATED from doing any further damage to Brooks. Page would call VsK out to the ring to get their match started, but VsK didn’t want any part of it until Bahh scared him back in the ring.

VsK Vs. ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page
Grudge Match

The EVOLVE mainstay began to lay the heavy punches, but VsK was about to stop Page’s momentum. VsK dealt his athleticism to Page, but ‘All Ego’ turned into revenge. Another shocking interference occurred with ‘The Clockwork Angel’ Katred coming out. As VsK distracted the referee, she struck Page right in the eye with a nail file! VsK would capitalize on a disoriented ‘All Ego’ with a vertical suplex into a brainbuster onto his own knee for the victory. Katred would join the extended FEDERATED as they stood tall in the center of the ring as the main event approached.

‘The Fresh Prince of Shaolin’ RudeBoy Riley (c) Vs. ‘The Premier Athlete’ Tony Nese
Tier 1 Championship

After the challenge was issued by Riley to the ‘Top 5’ prospects to possibly NXT, Nese would answer his challenge. RudeBoy Riley is undoubtedly one of the hottest indy wrestlers right now and Nese being added was just another icing that sold you that aspect. You can bet after that both men scouted each other on the in-ring work that this match wouldn’t end so fast. Each one has a counter for their signature moves. Leaving everything on the line, Nese would try to put the match to rest by attempting his go-to 450 Splash but missed. Brooklyn was heavily involved in the match as that one pivotal mistake would cost Nese the match. Riley was able to roll out of the way and as soon as Nese got to his feet and charged the champ, he was able to capitalize with the signature pop-up knee strike to retain his title. The flag-bearer of Tier 1 Wrestling would go on to celebrate his victory over Tony Nese, but was ruined by the veteran who prior to the event started vowed that something big would happen by the end of the night; Gran Akuma. Akuma would lay the champion out with a maneuver called Rubix Cube with the reaction from the crowd letting out an “OH!”

Tier 1 Wrestling ‘March To Victory’ was the mark of a greater beginning for the promotion. You can order it here: Trust me, this show was worth far more than the $4.99 it will cost you to buy the iPPV! I look forward to seeing much more from this company in the future!

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