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“Hamsterdam” — Flow Simpson (REVIEW)

'Hamsterdam' Artwork; Credit: Spaced Life & Flow Simpson | Edited by The SPARX Team

Written by J. Johnson

You have to ask yourself one question, “Has the music scene been a bust or is it just about to be saved?” Lately, there has been a surge of artists that goes through with their passion for music. Particularly the youth movement which has all walks of life seeking to make their dreams of producing music see the light of reality. When we entered the Sin City to explore the music scene—which is heavily influenced by EDM, House, & Trap music the possibilities were endless for what kind of artist you would find. We (SPARX) have been fortunate enough to work and follow along with artists & DJs like, JackEL, Tribe Chillin (Chief, WAVE, Cloud, ANDWHY, DreamCatcher), Flow Simpson (formerly FLOW), and most recently Haresha. All these young artists have something to prove and that’s to show the world their sound is the unique wave of the future.

Flow Simpson, is a 23-year-old artist who resides in Arizona. His music is associated with Spaced Life & mostly with Tribe Chillin more often nowadays. Yesterday Flow has released an album containing 13 unique tracks entitled ‘Hamsterdam‘. The album has the influence of Flow, but if you know what Hamsterdam is then, you get the concept of the album. ‘Hamsterdam‘ features production from MMLZ, 187 Beatz, Mally Beatz, Luke Beats, and Wizrd Beatz. The album also featured vocal contributions from AirJohn, Chief, and Haresha.

You can feel the elevation of Flow’s style through the album, but tracks like “Dead Soldier“, “Jamaican” definitely shows why he and Haresha have such great chemistry together. You also get Wave (F O X Y M M L Z) to be featured on the title track “Hamsterdam“. A track released awhile ago, “MO $$” makes a return to the album as you can remember the captivating verse from Chief (Tribe Chillin). I know I got chills listening to this unique 13 track album, as it gives Flow that push he deserves. If you think this is where Flow will call it a break well let the disappointment settle in as he’s just getting started with this release. I personally hope to hear more from this young artist as he can only get better from here if allows his passion be his drive.

Check out ‘Hamsterdam’ below:

For you in the Vegas area don’t forget to catch Flow w/ Haresha & The Tribe performing at two shows on April 8th & 9th. Don’t forget to follow Flow Simpson on social media: @Flow_Simpson & iflow420

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