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YULTRON “Wh0le L0tta McLovin” (DJ Mustard x Travis Scott – Remix)

Credit/Featuring: Yultron

Written by Sean Wall

It’s the weekend! You need something  get the party started with, but you just can’t find the right tones for some reason. Oh yeah, I know who will do the trick as he’s definitely kicking doors down. YULTRON may have the ‘City of Angels’ influence on his side for being a phenomenon in the EDM scene, but given the refreshing tone of this remix, there’s no wonder why that influence only gets YULTRON hype to release more music.

Since YULTRON has signed with Circle Talent Agency you can practically say that his year and beyond will be the brightest it ever will be for this amazing rising musician.

YULTRON releasing this remix “Wh0le L0tta McLovin” heads off with an easy start, but when there’s a whole lotta mixing going on the sushi enthusiast drops the beat without warning. That’s something he’s known to do and like many DJ’s and mix artist of the EDM scene he doesn’t falter by repetition. Even there’s a subtle darkness and energized level to which YULTRON response with a hard-hitting track that can be played everywhere. Like always the music scene in many genre facets is amusing when generations give you the glimpse into the future. YULTRON is one of those musicians that will take EDM to a new level like never before.

On March 10th, YULTRON announced something many fans are looking forward to:

Check out the remix “Wh0le L0tta McLovin” below:

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